The Golden Show

May 12 - 22

Artists Tony and Glen Eastman will be showing their design projects, sculptures, drawings, paintings, prints and short animated films.  The exhibition is to celebrate their 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary. Thirty of their talented friends and relatives have been invited to share the gallery space. These artists will be showing prints, ceramics, paintings, photography, sculpture, drawing, […]


May 24 - 29

SWYC (South West Young Creatives) is a newly founded art collective involving predominantly female, multidisciplinary creatives between the ages of 16 and 24. This collective was formed in order to showcase young people across the South West of England and present the art world with new and upcoming artists. The artists’ work is a response […]


June 1 - 5

Material is a multimedia exhibition. Dedicated to the material of the works rather than the rational of the pieces. We are a group of 10 artists who’s work is material driven, process lead and because of this the works wear the mark of maker on them and embrace this quality. The exhibition will include sculpture, […]

Angela Baum – Paintings

June 8 - 12

“The paintings are abstract. Which means they are not describing a place, an interior, a landscape. But they are coming from an emotional place, so mood, vibrancy, clarity or blurriness can all play a part. I start my paintings in a me/ not me conversation. I begin with a vague plan, size of canvas, primed, […]

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