Kim Piffy January 28 - February 03 Open: 12-8pm Sunday 30 Jan - Wednesday 02 February

“I AM PIFFY” showcases the debut, contemporary collection by Kim Piffy.

Crossing the threshold from reality into an incorporeal realm; Kim enters a conversation with her psyché. Each of the eight exhibited artworks figuratively represents a pivotal moment in a voyage towards self-awareness.

She invites you to embark on a similar journey by bombarding the senses with textures, colours, and patterns. A dynamic connection between the layers in the images will hypnotize any viewer, causing one to sink completely into the depicted world. Kim’s work guides us through an almost synaesthetic experience that will interest your mind as much as your eyes.

The collection is exhibited in daylight every day from 12 noon.

Stick around as we slowly sink into ultraviolet every evening from 6pm.

Launch Event 29th January 12 – 10pm