March 25 - 27

Through subtle evolution and refinement, Mr Penfold delivers a study of composition, form and palette, exploring the interaction between these elements in his latest body of work, entitled ‘Simple Pleasures‘. This debut Bristol, solo exhibition marks a moment in time and a pinnacle point in Mr Penfold’s 12 year career. Simple Pleasures channels a more […]

no one’s just zero

Joe Fairweather Hole March 30 - April 09

This exhibition showcases a series of works inspired by research trips to rural Ireland and Arctic Norway, where the artist explored new and familiar landscapes, on foot, and by boat, hiking and camping in remote corners, spending time looking outward, in each place recognising different modes of being and the different perspectives offered by people […]


Sean Addicott April 20 - 24

Do you ever not sleep? I sometimes do not sleep. ‘Tapesleep’ is a sound collage formed of acoustic instruments and ambient background sound, recorded to tape cassettes, which have been toxified with deodorant, smoke, and another inhalants. It would have been too easy to take the results of this process and create an inharmonic noise […]

A dozen, a gross and a score.

Geoff Stainthorp April 26 - May 01

Attaching meaning and significance to the relationships between science, art and life. Question: Why is this a mathematical limerick? ,12+144+20+3√4-7.+,5×11.=,9-2.+0 Answer: A dozen, a gross, and a score, plus three times the square root of four, divided by seven, plus five times eleven, is nine squared and not a bit more. Jon Saxton (math textbook author) […]

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