Out The Window

September 25 - 30

Out The Window is in part a group show of artists who live and work in Bristol. Combined with a showcase of filmmakers working locally and internationally. Bringing together people with a broad range of styles and different stages of creative practices. As a group, we hope to encourage links to each other’s work, in […]


Kelvin Jenkins October 2 - 7

‘We are here for no purpose unless we can invent one. Of that I am sure.’  I find this rather controversial quote from ‘Jailbird’ by Kurt Vonnegut gives me licence to follow my instincts, and has become something of a touchstone for my work, which currently consists of three loosely ‘invented’ themes. Quotes: Recent pictures take extracts from favourite novels or song lyrics as […]

Hybrid 2020: Migration

Deborah Weymont, Liz Lumley-Smith, Caroline Case, Judith Ducker, Fiona Williams, Sarah Parkinson October 9 - 14

This year Hybrid  will be returning to the gallery with an exhibition which has been curated over a one year period through a group process of art-making, research and discussion.  It will include work in paint, print, pen and ink, mixed media and ceramics. Since starting work on our theme of migration, like everyone, our lives […]

Post Pastoral

Sam Wilkins October 16 - 21

‘Post Pastoral’ is a new collection of video works by artist Sam Wilkins that explore our relationship with the pastoral image by digitally animating landscape paintings of the 18th and 19th century. They examine traditional views, still held by some as examples of the rural idyll, by exploring themes relating to climate change, migration, leisure, […]


Hannah Battershell, Chloe Edwards, Becky Hoghton November 13 - 18

Using the siren figure as a point of departure, three female artists explore the hidden depths of subject matter that is usually relegated to the realms of the cliché.  Looking in to the relationship of women to the sea, science and society this exhibition takes the mermaid figure into surprising areas, showing how siren stories […]