March 16 - 21

The gallery? – a strange place. It is supposed to provide access to artistic work and contemplation, but at the same time its “symbolic borders” prevent people from entering the space. Why/ what? An enclosed semi-public room implies certain rules: Make your visit in the set times, behave appropriately, and of course: Be interested. Well, […]

Marietta’s Wardrobe – The Secret History of Clothes

Hazel Hammond March 23 - 28

Who was Marietta? That is the mystery. Can you capture her in a poem just by handling her clothes? That’s the challenge that Bristol poet and artist Hazel Hammond set herself when she was asked to help catalogue the clothing of this little-known fashionista from Brighton. Marietta was 90 when she died in 2016. She […]

Aliens of the Art World

March 30 - April 04

Aliens of the Art World is an out of this world exhibition by queer artists. Bringing together artists working in a wide range of media the works draw on themes of space and science fiction to explore our realities. We’re on a mission to create our own home planet, our own galaxy, our own new […]