IV Art Meeting

February 16 - 22

A creative review of Polish Artists Living in the UK Featuring artists: Agnieszka Biardzka, Agnieszka Bignell, Magdalena Brańczyk, Ewelina Labuda, Sylwia Łakoma, Robert Malinowski, Ewa Reucka, Katrina Sadrak, Dominika Wenz, Łukasz Wośko, Marcin Szuba, Magdalena Szymkiewicz, Magdalena Lesiak, Beata Milligan-Sawick  


Moving Image Art: THREE

February 25 - 28

MIA: 3 continues on from a set of yearly exhibitions initiated by PhD students and staff of the University of the West of England, Bristol. The exhibition features new video and digital work by students, staff and related artists making work funded by the University’s video art bursary scheme in partnership with Bristol Museum, Knowle […]

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Darkest Hour

Marie Em March 04 - 08

In her first solo exhibition Marie Em’s theme is dark deconstructed human body postures based on emotion and experiences from her past.


Unloved – The Forgotten Holocaust

Nick Hales March 17 - 22

The creative aspect consists of a 4m * 7m floor installation of 6 million grains of white rice. These represent the 6 million children dying every year from PREVENTABLE causes, (note an additional 4 million die from unpreventable causes). Each grain of white rice is symbolic as representing a small white coffin. The rice is […]

UNLOVED Image 2 for centrespace

New Sculpture ’17

Harriet Aston March 25 - 29

An exciting exhibition of brand new paper sculptures by Harriet Aston.

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