July 12 - 21

Adam Nieman and William Samaha present an artistic collaboration at the birth of a new technology. Acoustic levitation is a technology fecund with possibilities and The Levitate exhibition is an artistic response to this creative engineering in its nascent state. It uses sound to generate pockets of high and low pressure in air and small […]


Tansy Tester July 26 - 31

This exhibition focuses on ideas of hard and soft in relation to objects and their function, matter and weight. ‘Pinched’ is the focal point of all the work, incorporating a variety of different materials and exploring elements of pushing, pinching and removing parts and sections from hard industrial forms. The exhibition brings together a variety […]


August 2 - 7

Graduating BA Fine Art students from University Centre Somerset present final works created during their studies in ‘Seven Sentiments’. They offer a range of thought provoking and exciting works drawing on personal experiences, research projects, science and history exhibited through a broad range of mediums. They have each developed confident and considered individual practices inspired […]

My Name Is

August 9 - 14

A group show with abstraction at its core. Exploring personal identity and how we see ourselves in our art. From light hearted connection to one’s self, to the deeper corners of the mind; looking at what makes us who we are. “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power […]


August 30 - September 04

Artist Karen Piddington presents an installation of film, animation, sound, video performance, drawing and sculpture. “My work is closely bound up in the notion of becoming-animal, with humans straying into the psychological territories of animals. The theme of the show will be in keeping with becoming-animal. I use ambiguity, absurdity and humour to blur boundaries, […]