Modern Relics

Matthew Lintott September 23 - 28

Matthew is a woodblock printmaker. His work is about deep time and space, explored through the past, the wild and the remote.  He has printed with inks rehydrated from 200 million year old fossils. This show is about collaboration, with the past and the ancient materials he is working with. Looking back as a catalyst […]

Alone Together: A Spectrum from Isolation to Solitude

'SPIKED' Artists: Leonie Bradley, Jess Buugler, Prerna Chandiramani September 23 - 28

A response to the shared yet unique experiences of lockdown, the installation Alone Together is a hanging body of prints, which represents aloneness as a spectrum from isolation to solitude. Loneliness is a painful feeling of something missing. Aloneness, on the other hand, has a breadth of connotations from the joy of solitude pioneered by ‘The Picturesque Movement’ to isolation as an enforced state. Each artist responds differently to the experiences along this spectrum. Their responses are […]

Ten Terrifying Tales from Topsy Turvy Land

Kevin O'Keefe 1st - 5th October

The wonder of a flying dog, The pathos of a piercèd frog.   A burning church, it’s spire askew, A wounded moon, so sore, so blue.   A stolen ham, a smoking herald, (His shirttails out! Oh,how dishevelled!).   The knickered miner, so full of loathing! And airline passengers losing clothing!   So much to […]