Rose Pettit & Kelvin Jenkins September 16 - 21

Rose: I like the process of working with clay, from the wet clay, moulding, carving out and building. I don’t have a particular face in mind when I begin but slowly a face emerges and becomes fixed in time with a story to tell. Kelvin: Pictures about time and unreliable memories; pictures in awe of […]

Art is Nourishment

Amber Bardell September 10 - 14

A joyful debut solo show. Artist Amber Bardell explores how art provides nourishment. Vibrant, expressionistic paintings draw inspiration from the natural world and the joy of playing with tactile media. The work engages with dream-like imagery, often conjured from memory and flow state. Bardell also creates experimental film and guided meditations with sound, which will […]

Building Happy Places

Aimes Was Here September 03 - 07

SAFEHOUSE proudly presents ‘Building Happy Places’ an exhibition of work by Aimes Was Here. For over a decade, Aimes has been building a creative portfolio of work that encompasses numerous visual disciplines, including photography, print making, typography, model making, sculpture, illustration and paintings. Lockdown restrictions and self-isolation, was the prerequisite in creating this body of […]


Becky Hanney August 26 - 31

Inter-Forms is a collection of works created since 2017, that explores the biomorphic, subconscious, platonic patterns in between and across all things. Artist Becky Hanney follows a somatic calling to explore the yet unknown worlds and creatures her paintbrushes can create; born from the primal pleasure of abstract expressionism and sustained by the fascination of […]

Bristol Editions

August 18 - 25

Bristol Editions present an exhibition of prints and a mini artists’ book fair that will take place over the weekend of 20th and 21st of August: featuring local and regional artists’ books from further afield, including Scotland.


August 12 - 17

FRESH SALAD is an invigorating crispy mix of tasty new work by current fine art students and recent graduates, the majority of whom originate from the South West of England. This exciting group of artists represent talent trained at some of the top art schools across the country including; UCL Slade school of Fine Art, UAL […]

Skateboard Cafe 10 Year Anniversary Exhibition and Book Launch

August 07 - 10

At the beginning, Cafe was never set out to be a ‘board company’ there was no business strategy. Skateboard Cafe was the name of a scene video made in 2008. From there we made a few tee’s, years later a small run of boards… Sold in a few independent stores. Then it gradually and naturally […]

Bend Until You See Your World Upside Down

Sofie Keller July 30 - August 03

Bend Until You See Your World Upside Down is a collection of works created in 2019-2022 that forms a dialogue between the act of walking, the gestures of surfaces in nature, and working three-dimensional with clay, through an intuitive hand-building process. Integrating ceramic, printmaking, and analogue photography Sofie Keller combines her interest in maps, Terra Incognita, and looking […]


Sean Addicott, Claire Addicott, Cressida Williams, Rory Joseph July 23 - 27

“A solitudinal; a head cloud of starlings murmur the songs cloaked amplifiers sing, blissed and burned, in this sidechain ouroboros. Immortal fire of individual will, fanned to flaming with love, unheeding the storm-blasts will walk together.”* Destroyertones is a bodywork, based in composition, photography, and visual abstraction. Conceptually, the work explores catharsis through ritual isolation, […]


July 16 - 20

Fine Art graduates from University Centre Somerset showcase selected works from their degree show. In an unprecedented time of having to adapt to change, they have gone the distance, endured social distancing and distance learning. Distance celebrates the considerable distance travelled despite the adversity of the last few years. Graduating artists include: Cara Gartland-Turner, Ray […]

Works Inspired by Film Titles

David Mealing July 9 - 13

A true Bristolian through and through, this is my first EVER solo Exhibition. 16 Oil Paintings that have been produced especially for this event.
 From Dr Dolittle, The Lion King & Splash to James Bond, Alien & King Kong. Being a former contestant on Sky Portrait Artist of the Year has given me the confidence […]

STINKING RICH: The Cost of Wealth

Andrew Swan July 2 - 6

STINKING RICH: The Cost of Wealth explores the impact extreme wealth is having on communities and the environment by focussing in on the activities of seven billionares: Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Alice Walton (Walmart), James Dyson (Dyson), Kirsten Rausing (Tetra Pak, Jim Ratcliffe (Ineos), Denise Coates (BET365) and Chuck Feeney (Duty Free).

My Body, My Home

Ellen Downes June 24 - 29

Ellen Downes, Everybody’s Story Following a successful exhibition last summer at Centrespace Gallery (as featured on BBC One), Ellen Downes is introducing her second solo exhibition. This year she will be working with 100 women and non-binary people. She is casting their busts in gold to line the gallery walls like armour. The exhibit, ‘MY […]

Intuitive Spaces – iD-artists

Sara Parsons, Gail Mason, Vicki Campbell, Stephanie Wooster, Tina Hill, Dawn Mason June 10 - 22

iD-artists present an exhibition of work that comments on physical and emotional spaces. It also explores the intuitive spaces between the various disciplines of its members.


Megan Wakelam & Emma Housley 03 - 09 June

New paintings by Megan Wakelam & Emma Housley Emma and Megan are both painters who delight in the natural world, especially the ocean. They met whilst receiving an emerging artist bursary which gave them studio space at Clayhill Arts in Somerset 3 years ago. Both artists use recollected experiences to infuse their work with joy […]

Virtual Yowl

Nabod Tanwen & Alessandra Sormani May 27 - June 01

Navigating a digital existence poses an artificial arena to dwell within. In the precarious nature of this experience, we toy with our vulnerability, our actions, desires, and behaviours performing the personal in a public sphere.  Drawing from the thrill-seeking, delusional desires, the work peruses through expressions of fallibility in this uncertain landscape. Working with narratives […]

Landscapes and Plague

Vernon Hewitt May 20 - 25

This exhibition explores how, confined by the Covid-19 pandemic, my concept of the landscape shifted from the grand idea of 19th century romanticism to the more prosaic: the back yard, the park, a hedge in Somerset, a grand beech tree in Leigh Woods long overlooked and taken for granted. Isolated from friends and family, the […]

So You Think You Are Safe In The Woods?

Ruth Piper & Caroline Watson May 13 - 18

An Exhibition of Painting & Drawing. Woodland can be seen as a metaphor for psychic space. It can provide a refuge from, or a route into danger. If we drift too far from the main path, we lose ourselves, and in getting lost, our whole survival may be at stake. The diffused and dappled light […]

The Everyday and the Unique

John Allen Furniture & Luke Haslehurst images May 07 - 11

John Allen furniture and Luke Haslehurst images. The objects we use everyday shape our experiences. John Allen’s work playfully challenges our preconceptions of furniture, sparking pleasure in the absurd and stimulating a more powerful relationship between user and object. This furniture wants to be looked at, turned on, sat on and used. Through embracing reclaimed […]

Shards of Memory

TG Freeson April 29 - 04 May

This exhibition is a reflection of my technical work and of my emotional journey. The pieces shown are a product of my technical research on the interaction of light and colours, as well as the intimate study of my feelings. The places and subjects I depict are not simply landscapes, but they are the expressions […]

UWE Multi – Disciplinary Print Making Alumni show

April 23 - 26

This diverse exhibition celebrates the extraordinary achievements of a group of 14 alumni who graduated from UWE Bristol’s MA Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking in 2020/2021. Due to lockdowns their final shows were online, but now they can celebrate by showing as a group at Centrespace. Featuring the work of printmakers Gin Saunders, Liam Barrett, Ben Jenner, Sarah […]

Quiet Portals

Lillian Thomson & Jasmine Mills April 16 - 20

Showcasing in Bristol for the first time, the paintings of Lillian Thomson and Jasmine Mills. Quiet Portals is a body of work developed since 2020 exploring themes of loneliness, space, and the place in between real and imagined.` Originally from Bristol and Norfolk, Lillian and Jasmine currently work and live in Cornwall. Both artists find […]

Landscapes and Plague

Jullian Scott & Oliver Kent April 2 - 6

Paintings by Julian Scott and ceramic sculpture by Oliver Kent. Both artists are interested in the landscape and in material culture as forms of evidence.  Each, in different ways, engage with matter and making as a research process.  There is a shared interest in colour and in the physical activity of making objects and marks. […]

Zen Memory Garden

University of the West of England - L 2 Student Group Exhibition March 26 - 29

“We use our minds not to discover facts but to hide them.” Damasio, cited Talwar 2007. With this quote in mind we are inviting submissions from Artist’s to fill our Zen Memory Garden, with the aim of finding happiness within.  We aim to curate an amalgamation of memento’s of  treasured memories that artists and viewers […]

You Can’t Get it Wrong

Josh Carson March 18 - 23

A collection of abstract and expressionist work created during the Covid pandemic by Bristol resident Josh Carson. An attempt to show a journey of self-discovery, from zero painting experience, to finding the joy and freedom in making art. The exhibition features both acrylics on canvas and mixed media and ink on paper; with inspiration found […]

See through

Martina Glastonbury March 11 - 16

An exhibition by Martina Glastonbury showing a selection of recent figurative and abstract paintings and drawings. The work explores what lies beneath the surface as experienced by Martina’s inner world and her relationship to different subjects. Influenced by nature and by her emotions, the work captures a feminine expression: sometimes bold, also sensitive, telling stories […]


Ollie Smith & Mark Elliot Smith February 25 - March 02

A joint exhibition by the, Living Too Late artists, Ollie Smith and Mark Elliott Smith, both showing new paintings from 2021 – 2022. Mark continues his exploration into the emotional effect of colour and form, while Ollie has fun playing with our desire for meaning, challenging us to question our own experiences, both real and […]

Between the lines

February 18 - 23

‘Between the lines’ is a group exhibition presenting new work from Penfold, RTiiiKA, Beth Kirby, Mernywernz, Billy and Zoë Power. The liminal work explores spaces in ‘between the lines’ as places of creativity, bringing together work within the fringes of multiple styles and movements. Working across visual art, textiles, design, mural and street art, each artist […]

“objects in mirrors are closer than they appear“

February 10 -15

This exhibition of 2nd and 3rd year BA (Hons) Drawing and Print students at UWE Bristol takes stock of a special moment in the young artists’ careers. After experiencing the various struggles and restrictions during the ongoing pandemic, each of them is in the process of developing their personal artistic language. This can be informed […]


Elliot Coffin February 5 - 9

SEE JIG SAW is a collection of playful, multipart pieces by Bristol Artist Elliot Coffin. Working on wood in both 2d and 3d forms, Elliot creates vibrant pieces featuring both illustrative and abstracted mark making. Materials are sourced from the carpentry company at which he works, these waste materials are given a new life as […]


Kim Piffy January 28 - February 03

“I AM PIFFY” showcases the debut, contemporary collection by Kim Piffy. Crossing the threshold from reality into an incorporeal realm; Kim enters a conversation with her psyché. Each of the eight exhibited artworks figuratively represents a pivotal moment in a voyage towards self-awareness. She invites you to embark on a similar journey by bombarding the […]


3-8th December 2021

Centrespace welcomes Sophie back into the Gallery following here scucessful show in June. There is no theme, there is no meaning, there is just a bunch of unseen artworks, prints, and SophieLongArt souvenirs. On Friday 3rd there will be a festive party/open view, she urges you to come along and feast your eyes on her creations, […]

Bristol Clay

November 13 - 24

‘Bristol Clay’ is an exciting new group of women ceramic artists and makers showing here in their first exhibition together. Coming from different starting points and experiences, all share a passion for exploring the limitless possibilities of clay. Each artist has their own individual approach to ceramics and this exhibition demonstrates the versatility of the […]


November 04 - 11

Salvage is an exhibition of paintings and sculptures from South West Artists and makers, Eloise Dunwell, Kappa V Kappa art and Dreamy Ox. These three artists come from different practices and styles, yet all have one thing in common; a fascination with found objects and spaces, and how they can see potential in old and […]

Achimera: The Phenomenology of Illness

October 31 - November 03

Exhibiting over Halloween and All souls Day we showcase work by an artist who explores death in a raw and visceral fashion. An artist who has undergone lung-transplantation as her only choice for survival. Born with incurable disease Cystic Fibrosis, Poppy Roberts honours the life she has been gifted through producing art. We are taken […]

Turn to Return: Helen Sear & Robert Darch

September 25 - October 27

Turn to Return brings together two series of work, ‘Within Sight’ by Helen Sear and ‘The Island’ by Robert Darch, both exhibited here for the first time. Sear’s series was made whilst repeatedly walking the same mountain passage in Majorca and Darch’s work was made in response to Britain’s vote to leave the European Union in […]

Body of Work – Varosha

September 17 - 22

Body of Work is an exhibition of life drawing from the last eighteen months – works about the body.  Studies and Paintings from the periods of lockdown, isolation and reflection.   


September 03 - 15

PHOTOGRAPHY = LIGHT + PLACE + TIME In this exhibition of recent work, Bristol based photographers Paul Bullivant and Mic Warmington celebrate their very different approaches to photography and the significance it has for them as a record of light, of place and, most importantly, of time. Paul Bullivant’s work is usually highly coloured, often […]

Every Body’s Story

Ellen Downes August 27 - September 01

Women’s Body Casting Artist Ellen Downes has cast 30 women’s torsos and painted them gold. The golden body casts will be exhibited alongside the powerful stories of the women behind them. This is a project celebrating the beauty and diversity of women’s bodies and a platform for the stories behind them. We are rejecting unrealistic […]

Faces – Spaces

Rose Pettit & Kelvin Jenkins August 19 - 25

Rose: I like the process of working with clay, from the wet clay, moulding, carving out and building. I don’t have a particular face in mind when I begin but slowly a face emerges and becomes fixed in time with a story to tell.  Kelvin: Pictures of coastlines; pictures of traffic cones; pictures of clothes […]

Geoff Oke – Artwork Retrospective

August 13 - 18

A Welsh born painter and graphic artist who grew up in a rural and coastal setting. Land that made an impact on his visual memory and feeds into his work. His interest in art started at a young age. Pursuing it as a career after he left school at 16. Studying foundation level at Shrewsbury […]

Jessie Woodward & Sophie Elinor Martin

August 6 - 11

Jessie is an abstract painter and mixed media Artist based in Bristol and Sophie is a contemporary artist based in Suffolk. Both have exhibited throughout the UK and sold their work worldwide. Jessie’s instinctive way of working explores the language of paint and mark making to evoke emotions in the viewer, aiming to communicate how pure […]

Asking For Directions/What Have You Lost? 

July 31 - August 04

This exhibition showcases two projects by Raina Monteith navigating ideas of how we support each other, and how we present our own experiences. ‘Asking For Directions’ (2020) saw the artist give up control of their life for a week at a time. Asking friends, family, and acquaintances to teach them something new. To help them live their best life. To solve their dilemmas. Through closely […]

Two Sides of a Story

David Dawkins July 23 - 28

Each one of David’s sculptures has two sides to them, like a two-page book, and each one has a true story behind them. They are caricatures of various people he has known over the years. “Recently he has been focusing on life, the universe, and everything, political, the news and anything that rattles around inside […]


July 09 - 14

Bloom is an exciting exhibition from Creative Arts degree students who are graduating from University Centre Somerset (Taunton). Bloom reflects the growth and maturity of local creative minds as they go from their explorative and collaborative studio space to the working world, developing their expertise and varying practices in preparation for their creative careers. Bloom […]

Degrees of Separation

July 03 - 07

Graduating BA(hons) Fine Art students from University Centre Somerset (Taunton) bring their degree show to Bristol. Degrees of Separation reflects the nature of working during their study; often working closely together in the studios, but sometimes working from home in isolation. Degrees of Separation also speaks of the varying degrees of difference between the students’ practice, from the […]

Tales from Ott

Laila Elmanfaa June 25 - 30

Think of ‘Tales from Ott’ as a little bluebell-lined fairy path through a realm of gritty fantasy- a glance into somewhere deep, dark, and full of secrets. With oil paintings inspired by the drama of the Renaissance and their accompanying stories and poems, the entire universe of Ott and all of its written works have […]


Sophie Long June 11 - 16

Dripping in colour and eccentric brush marks, I will show you my visual interpretations of the depleting animal kingdom. A combination of unseen pieces and some SophieLongArt classics. I want to draw you in to my exaggerates of vibrancy and contrast. Art is not just a pretty picture but also tells a story, and the […]


Hannah Battershell, Chloe Edwards, Becky Hoghton June 05 - 09

The treacherous song of the siren has seeped into our collective consciousness, but it is often steeped in cliché, and traditionally told from the male perspective. Now, three Bristol-based female artists are exploring the siren from new perspectives for a new exhibition at the Centrespace Gallery. Looking in to the relationship of women to the […]


Joe Coleman, Graham Cook, Steve Welsh May 28 - June 02

On March 23rd 2020, the UK went into full lockdown. The veil of isolation that fell across the country reduced the scope of our physical lives. In turn, this prompted an unprecedented period of reflection on what had been and the circumstance society now faced. In the main, separation is not part of the human […]

Show Me What Plutocracy Looks Like

Noah Gibson-Noir, Sofia Filipe-Bastos May 14 - 19, Covid restrictions in place

The CBAs, are an artist collective who are unapologetically imperfect and political. This exhibition is a protest against social and political violence in all its forms. They utilise satire and sarcasm to connect with their audience and challenge the political status quo. Methods and materials are deliberately Low-tech in approach, which allows for an immeadiate […]

pissing in the wind

David Foord April 30 - May 05

Recent paintings and works on paper by the artist David Foord (b. 1991). The exhibition will feature a selection of works made since 2019 that illustrate his unorthodox and intuitive approach to style and subject. Drawing on such wide-ranging fields as local history, hostile architecture, prisons, private communities, football, and the suburbs, David creates surreal and […]

Searching for your Shadow

Chris Rydlewski April 23 - 28

The official launch of the photobook ‘Searching for your Shadow’ by Chris Rydlewski, as well as an exhibition based on the book. A photographic exploration of his mother’s home district in Paris, the project merges history, memory, and geography. It promises to be more than just an exhibition of ‘the book on the wall’!


January 28 - February 03

“I AM PIFFY” showcases the primary body of work produced by artist Kim Piffy over the last five years. Each of the eight exhibited artworks, one tapestry and seven collages, represents a pivotal moment in a figurative journey towards self-awareness. Crossing the threshold from reality into an incorporeal realm; Kim converses with her psyche. The […]


December 11 - 16

Print Relief is a group show of original prints from local printmakers, Philippa Thomas, Ben Goodman, Lisa Takahashi, Ben Jenner, Emma Brown, Matthew Lintott, alongside Spike Island Print Studio relief students. Sharing a broad range of work, this is a show to lift the spirits. 10% of all proceeds will go to Crisis UK to help […]


Sophie Long November 27 - December 02

**Due to LD#2 (covid19) this exhibition has been postponed until June 2021. Friday and Saturday will be a ticketed viewings. Available to obtain free tickets with time slots through my website on Friday 30th October 2020. www.sophielongart.co.uk Dripping in colour and eccentric brush marks, I will show you my visual interpretations of the depleting animal […]


Kappa V Kappa Art, Eloise Dunwell, Dreamy Ox. November 21 - 25

**Due to LD#2 (covid19) this exhibition has been postponed  Salvage is an exhibition of paintings and sculptures from South West Artists and makers. These three artists come from different backgrounds and styles, but all have one thing in common; A fascination with found objects and spaces, and how they can see potential in old and […]

Look Up Lockdown

Imilia Lucas, Tracey Graham- Rubbish Artist, Hank Rossi November 6 - 11

**Due to LD#2 (covid19) this exhibition has been postponed Environmental artists ‘making statements’ in a slightly ironic fashion during lockdown. Tracey Graham- Rubbish Artist is a trained sculptor who breathes new life into the discarded trappings of consumerism – the detritus of our times. She is available for commission and can generate exciting ideas from […]

Post Pastoral

Sam Wilkins October 16 - 21

‘Post Pastoral’ is a new collection of video works by artist Sam Wilkins that explore our relationship with the pastoral image by digitally animating landscape paintings of the 18th and 19th century. They examine traditional views, still held by some as examples of the rural idyll, by exploring themes relating to climate change, migration, leisure, […]

Hybrid 2020: Migration

Deborah Weymont, Liz Lumley-Smith, Caroline Case, Judith Ducker, Fiona Williams, Sarah Parkinson October 9 - 14

This year Hybrid  will be returning to the gallery with an exhibition which has been curated over a one year period through a group process of art-making, research and discussion.  It will include work in paint, print, pen and ink, mixed media and ceramics. Since starting work on our theme of migration, like everyone, our lives […]


Kelvin Jenkins October 2 - 7

‘We are here for no purpose unless we can invent one. Of that I am sure.’  I find this rather controversial quote from ‘Jailbird’ by Kurt Vonnegut gives me licence to follow my instincts, and has become something of a touchstone for my work, which currently consists of three loosely ‘invented’ themes. Quotes: Recent pictures take extracts from favourite novels or song lyrics as […]

Out The Window

September 25 - 30

Out The Window is in part a group show of artists who live and work in Bristol. Combined with a showcase of filmmakers working locally and internationally. Bringing together people with a broad range of styles and different stages of creative practices. As a group, we hope to encourage links to each other’s work, in […]

Earth Bodies (postponed)

March 28 - April 01

‘Earth Bodies’ celebrates and encourages a sustainable practice within contemporary art, with a focus on making this accessible for local communities. Amid the anthropocene, now more than ever it is important we make decisions that positively impact our environment which the works included in ‘Earth Bodies’ shall demonstrate. Showcasing young artists responses to the current […]

Lightbox Curates (postponed)

March 20 - 25

20th March – Lightbox Installation 11am – 6pm – 9pm 10pm Mass House Show 21st March – Lightbox x Dubfecta 22nd March – Into The White by Jonah Kidd 11am – 6pm 23rd March – Lightbox Curates: Photography 11am – 6pm 8pm Maricas Film Screening 24th March – Lightbox Curates: Moving Image 11am – 6pm 7pm The Fancy Friends […]


March 14 - 18

Equilibrium is an exhibition created by medical, dental and veterinary students from the University of Bristol. The Study and practice of medicine in any form is an art as well as a science, and this exhibition has enabled local students to demonstrate that fact, while also providing them with an outlet to relax and create. […]

THAT’S HOW I SEE THE WORLD an art exhibition

March 5 - 11

An exhibition showcasing artworks that represent the view of the world of each artist. With paintings, drawings, installations and more these artists will show you how they “see” their world in order to explore and discuss with the audience personal experiences, family, social issues etc.  

Man in the Frame

February 29 - March 04

This exhibition of photographs presents different views of man. Using fashion to portrait and in the street. We will be showing how fashion pictures are made by introducing our photographic processes to the public.

Contemporary Painters 2020

February 21- 26

20 contemporary painters connected via the expanding artists group know as paintersnetwork_sw: an evolving network around painting and painters engaged with contemporary practice in the South West. This is the first spontaneous exhibition of painters based in Bristol and beyond. Their common ground is painting itself incorporating two and three dimensional interpretations. Artists: Helen Acklam, […]

TRACE – Eunmee Kim

February 7 - 12

My painting is to motivate old everything. I find trace in my daily life. Everything is made as one leaves a trace by time I feel special beauty by trace Nature is important in that I feel art trace about everything My work process expresses all the traces of things that change over time. During […]

Criss-Cross: A Kind of Music

January 31st - February 5th

Criss-Cross: A Kind of Music is a touring joint exhibition that combines the prints and drawings of Tony Martin and Martin Cody. The overall look of linear construction is complimentary while the energies of each set contrast. This exhibition will develop throughout the tour as each artist adds new work. Follow this work through the […]

Mother Presents – Home

January 25 - 29

This exhibition of photography will function as the launch exhibition run under Mother Arts, an initiative that aims to give emerging artists a platform to exhibit and access information. Sharing varied perspectives on what home means in the context of grief, immigration, history and politics, each photographer unearths and considers their individual history; The works […]


January 16 - 22

An Exhibition from 4 Art Schools: UWE Bristol ( Drawing and Print ) The Slade School of Fine Art , University College London ( www.ucl.ac.uk/slade ) , LUCA Ghent , Belgium ( https://www.luca-arts.be ) Sokei Academy of Fine Arts ,Tokyo,Japan ( www.sokei.ac.jp ). Each Art School with have 3 members of Staff and 3 Students Exhibiting Plus Symposium […]


‘Losing Form – Work in progress’

Harriet Aston December 6 - 8

Artist Harriet Aston is back in the gallery with an exhibition of large scale sculptures that are the inspiration for a dance performance choreographed by Domi Baker and filmed by Orion Grant. There will be a dance performance by Domi Baker and Emily Sterne on Sunday 8th at 6pm

Occult Bristol

November 29 - December 04

Occult Bristol is a group show featuring the work of Rich Beale, Siena Barnes and Ryan Broom, three fiercely individual international artists with links to rock ‘n’ roll who crawled out from beneath very similar rocks. The work displayed includes Siena’s large format Indian ink monochrome paintings in which she riffs on meme culture and […]


November 23 - 26

Expressions are proud to present a group exhibition that profiles the creativity, diversity and skills of all its participants. Expressions supports people with Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disabilities and this exhibition celebrates and showcases that the journey of making art is as important as the final piece. Collaboration, openness and creative thinking are at […]

A Gathering of Unasked Possibility

Judith Rodgers & Kelly M O’Brien November 14 - 20

Our contemporary moment of precarity calls for a progressive response that resists the pull of anger and despair. Inspired by Rebecca Solnit’s words, our aim is to create a propositional space with breathing room for alternative ways of thinking, expressing, and being: “Hope locates itself in the premise that we don’t know what will happen, […]


Hannah Kay Butcher November 1 - 6

SenSi comes from the abbreviation of the senses and the consciousness of I to create Sensi. The works in this show play, push and translate what senses are, how we can interact with them and the effect they have in the present moment. The show encompasses a direct DIY aesthetic with the incorporation of reused […]


Eloise Dunwell October 19 - 30

Papré: Noun – A collection of items – usually found objects, leaves, feathers, shells, and also paper-works that evoke specific memories or feelings. Accumulative in nature, Papré usually refers to a large number of these items in one place that have been washed up over time onto the same “tideline”. Following two years of freelance […]

Centrespace Open

October 12th - 16th

Centrespace Co-operative Studios are opening their doors to the public for the first time in over four years. Located in Leonard Lane, Centrespace is an established creative community in the heart of the Old City of Bristol. This will be a rare opportunity to engage with and buy from some of Bristols’ award winning independent […]

Perfume as Practice AW19

Michael Borkowsky October 4 - 9

Michael Borkowsky presents Perfume as Practice AW19 – an exhibition that looks at the artistic potential of perfumery and how it can be used to create portraiture. The exhibition will comprise 20 perfumes, each a portrait of another artist. These perfume portraits are achieved through a process that begins by asking artists the question ‘why […]

Alchemy 19

September 21 - October 2

A contemporary ceramics exhibition by seventeen artists from Maze Studios, Bristol. Showcasing a diverse collection of work celebrating the creativity of this group of 17 ceramic artists. Brought together by a passion for making and exploring the properties of clay, each artist’s work has a unique identity. The exhibition will include sculptural and functional pieces from: […]


September 6 - 18

Formed in 2012 as Inter-Disciplinary Artists, iD-Artists have exhibited regularly across the South West. In their latest exhibition Crossing Boundaries at Centrespace, Gail Mason- Painter Printmaker, Sara Parsons- Sculptor and Painter, Stephanie Wooster- Textiles, Tina Hill- Sculptural Printmaker, Vicki Campbell- Painter and Sculptural Mosaics and Dawn Mason- Mixed Media explore the spaces and connections between […]


Karen Piddington August 30 - September 04

Karen presents an installation of film, animation, sound, video performance, drawing and sculpture. “My work is closely bound up in the notion of becoming-animal, with humans straying into the psychological territories of animals. The theme of the show will be in keeping with becoming-animal. I use ambiguity, absurdity and humour to blur boundaries, and to […]

My Name Is

August 9 - 14

A group show with abstraction at its core. Exploring personal identity and how we see ourselves in our art. From light hearted connection to one’s self, to the deeper corners of the mind; looking at what makes us who we are. “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power […]


August 2 - 7

Graduating BA Fine Art students from University Centre Somerset present final works created during their studies in ‘Seven Sentiments’. They offer a range of thought provoking and exciting works drawing on personal experiences, research projects, science and history exhibited through a broad range of mediums. They have each developed confident and considered individual practices inspired […]


Tansy Tester July 26 - 31

This exhibition focuses on ideas of hard and soft in relation to objects and their function, matter and weight. ‘Pinched’ is the focal point of all the work, incorporating a variety of different materials and exploring elements of pushing, pinching and removing parts and sections from hard industrial forms. The exhibition brings together a variety […]


July 12 - 21

Adam Nieman and William Samaha present an artistic collaboration at the birth of a new technology. Acoustic levitation is a technology fecund with possibilities and The Levitate exhibition is an artistic response to this creative engineering in its nascent state. It uses sound to generate pockets of high and low pressure in air and small […]

TAPE – Ideas That Stick

June 29 - July 3

TAPE is a degree show celebrating and showcasing the work from students on the Foundation Degree course in Graphic Design with Interactive Multimedia at City of Bristol College. TAPE is a selection of work from exciting young creatives, exploring new ideas across an array of disciplines including Typography, Branding and Packaging, Editorial Design, Advertising and more. And if […]

FdA Professional Photography

June 21 - 26

Students studying on the FdA Professional Photography Foundation Degree at City of Bristol College present their graduation show. A showcase of dazzling portraiture, fashion, architectural and design orientated photography. Their beautifully printed and realised work demonstrates the professional flair and commercial potential of these photographers.

The End of Show

June 15 - 19

  A free exhibition showcasing new talent in photography and fine art from North Bristol Post 16 visual arts students.

Angela Baum Conversations in Colour

June 8 - 12

“The paintings are abstract. Which means they are not describing a place, an interior, a landscape. But they are coming from an emotional place, so mood, vibrancy, clarity or blurriness can all play a part. I start my paintings in a me/ not me conversation. I begin with a vague plan, size of canvas, primed, […]


June 1 - 5

Material is a multimedia exhibition. Dedicated to the material of the works rather than the rational of the pieces. We are a group of 10 artists who’s work is material driven, process lead and because of this the works wear the mark of maker on them and embrace this quality. The exhibition will include sculpture, […]


May 24 - 29

SWYC (South West Young Creatives) is a newly founded art collective involving predominantly female, multidisciplinary creatives between the ages of 16 and 24. This collective was formed in order to showcase young people across the South West of England and present the art world with new and upcoming artists. The artists’ work is a response […]

The Golden Show

May 12 - 22

Artists Tony and Glen Eastman will be showing their design projects, sculptures, drawings, paintings, prints and short animated films.  The exhibition is to celebrate their 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary. Thirty of their talented friends and relatives have been invited to share the gallery space. These artists will be showing prints, ceramics, paintings, photography, sculpture, drawing, […]


May 3 - 8

FOAM is an exhibition by 12 artists at the end of their second year studying MA Fine Art at UWE. Drawn from disparate practices and using varied media, this show offers the artists a moment in which to take stock and reflect on their work at this crucial stage in their careers. Artists exhibiting: Nicola […]

A dozen, a gross and a score.

Geoff Stainthorp April 26 - May 01

Attaching meaning and significance to the relationships between science, art and life. Question: Why is this a mathematical limerick? ,12+144+20+3√4-7.+,5×11.=,9-2.+0 Answer: A dozen, a gross, and a score, plus three times the square root of four, divided by seven, plus five times eleven, is nine squared and not a bit more. Jon Saxton (math textbook author) […]


Sean Addicott April 20 - 24

Do you ever not sleep? I sometimes do not sleep. ‘Tapesleep’ is a sound collage formed of acoustic instruments and ambient background sound, recorded to tape cassettes, which have been toxified with deodorant, smoke, and another inhalants. It would have been too easy to take the results of this process and create an inharmonic noise […]

Jiffy! – (working title)

April 12 - 17

A series of events, performances, interventions, installations based on the idea of consume-digest-expel, curated by Todd Clarke. Supported by UWE Bristol Fine Art.

no one’s just zero

Joe Fairweather Hole March 30 - April 09

This exhibition showcases a series of works inspired by research trips to rural Ireland and Arctic Norway, where the artist explored new and familiar landscapes, on foot, and by boat, hiking and camping in remote corners, spending time looking outward, in each place recognising different modes of being and the different perspectives offered by people […]


March 25 - 27

Through subtle evolution and refinement, Mr Penfold delivers a study of composition, form and palette, exploring the interaction between these elements in his latest body of work, entitled ‘Simple Pleasures‘. This debut Bristol, solo exhibition marks a moment in time and a pinnacle point in Mr Penfold’s 12 year career. Simple Pleasures channels a more […]

‘Anderswo ist hier: Elsewhere is here’

March 9 - 17

‘Anderswo ist hier: Elsewhere is here’ is the second exhibition of new contemporary works diversely created in the twin cities of Hannover and Bristol. 10 artists in response to the European legacy of Twinning met for the first time in July 2018 for an exhibition at the TURBA gallery in Hannover with the aim of […]

Breathing Spaces

T G Freeson March 1 - 6

Breathing Spaces is the beginning of a path: stop, take a breath and think about yourself and your surroundings. Through my work I aim to show how objects and subjects interact with their surroundings and vice versa. All the materials I use -such as rock salt, paper, water, pigments, PVC films, are a metaphor for […]

The Female Condition

February 22 - 27

This exhibition will explore what it means to associate with and be a woman creatively, socially and sexually. Artists will be expressing the physicality, characteristics, thoughts and feelings connected to femininity in a variety of forms. As well as the visual art, the exhibition will be hosting evening events including talks and Q&As with inspired individuals […]


February 16 - 20

The Arts in Medicine 5th Annual Exhibition is a showcase of Medical, Dental, Veterinary and Health Sciences students’ artwork relating to themes of healthcare, life, death, health and illness. Each year the planning committee receive a wealth of unique pieces of artwork produced by students in a range of different mediums and even varying art […]

Drawing on the Graphic Arts

February 8 - 13

This group exhibition was selected from an open call to MA Graphic Arts students at UWE Bristol, invited staff and guest artists. The intention was to explore the use of drawing in a graphic arts context, and such themes as: the diagrammatic, charts and information; the in-progress, the fleeting, and the speculative; the act of […]

Do-IY Curates 002

February 1 - 6

The Do-IY Collective curates their second exhibition in Bristol with 10 mixed media artists spanning all ranges of thematic discussion. A year down the line and the Collective returns to Centrespace Gallery with bigger and more ambitious plans. This exhibition is an exploration of the polysemantic word ‘green’. We challenge the selected artists to make […]

Victims. Images of fear and compassion

Ian Fraser January 25 - 29

Paintings by Ian Fraser ARCA Ian Fraser was an artist active in the Twentieth Century, until he passed away at the tragically young age of 53.  At the time of his death he was Head of Fine Art at Middlesex Polytechnic, a job that took up much of his time.  Despite a heavy workload, he […]

Emerging mythologies

UWE Drawing & Print students and Alumni 18 - 22 January '19

Open Exhibition of UWE Drawing & Print students and Alumni. Guest curator from the Berlin Drawing Hub, Jan-Phillipp Fruehsorge. Image: Sidonie Bishop (3rd Year) “Butterfly man”

Concrete Collective

Gen Harrison, Graham Cook and Ella Sparkes January 11 - 15

Concrete Collective is a newly founded art and design collective made up of three MA multi-disciplinary printmakers/artists, Gen Harrison, Graham Cook and Ella Sparkes. The work is a strong mix of photographic and graphical pulled together through varying print processes with the underlying focus on the ‘The CITY’.  The Collective’s visual exploration responds to the […]

Honey Art Show

December 14 -19

Honey Art Show is a group exhibition bringing together (mostly) Bristol based artists and makers for a curated bi-yearly show. Our aim is to create an inclusive platform and network for women, femmes, non binary and trans artists, who are still widely underrepresented in the mainstream art world. The exhibition at Centrespace Gallery will be […]

Centrespace Christmas Exhibition

December 8 - 12

A rare opportunity to view and purchase work by the studio members and artists associates of Centrespace. Original artwork, prints, books, jewellery and much more…… Artists: Simon Tozer, Eleanor Glover, Jess Thorn, Dave Weaver, Ruth Piper, Gwen Millard, Owen Gent, Sarah Poffer, Joe Berger, Laura McEwen, Ami Pepper, Hugh Cowling, Dail Behennah, Joshua Smith, Henning […]

Make Shift

December 1 - 5

Make Shift is an exploration into the discourse between contemporary painting and social communities. The exhibition will be hosting work from 6 artists as well as an eclectic series of events throughout the week, including film screenings, talks, yoga and more. Everyone is welcome to all events: Sat. 6 – 10 pm – Opening night with […]


November 23 - 29

Paper Folds Gallery. We celebrate the diversity of Paper Folds gallery since its inception in 2016 with LOOKAWAY. Showing alongside our gallery artists, work from Indonesia, Germany, France, Venezuela, Canada, the UK and USA has responded to a notion of ‘looking away, with a coherent group of photographs, collages, screen-prints, relief sculptures and video art. […]

Birth Rites

Barry Cooper November 16 -22

Paintings & Sculpture by Barry Cooper. Curated by Eloise Dunwell I have been working as a artist since 1970 and I have an MA in painting from the Royal College of Art. In my painting I have retained an interest in the fragmentation of the image which I continue to find in a fractal space […]

Broken Faces

Matthew Healey November 3 -14

Broken Faces – an exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Matthew Healey. Studies of facial reconstruction surgery on survivors of WW1. The dead are often remembered, the survivors are often not. “If in some smothering dreams, you too could pace Behind the wagon that we flung him in, And watch the white eyes writhing in […]

Line and Point

October 27 - 31

Line and Point showcases established and emergent postgraduate artists from Bath Spa University. Offering a diverse range of contemporary practices across installation, drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, objects and digital work. Visually engaging use of materials of an exquisite, experimental and transdiciplinary nature evolve themes and narratives that express the human condition and our modern […]

Imaginery Drawn With Light

Martin Raskovsky October 12 - 24

Raskovsky’s creative genius is in fact an outstanding innovation to photographic art: after centuries of technical and technological evolution, the progress of the optical instrument that revolutionised our lives seems to deserve a new dimension. Impressionist painters accelerated the gesture of their brush strokes in order to capture the ephemeral and immediate nuances of light, […]


Karolina Nieduza & Elena Hutchcroft October 5 - 11

An exhibition that brings together art and nature to reflect on human movement. Through the use of natural and man-made materials the movement and rhythms of human and non-human activity are explored in the space – a meshwork of lines, experiences and imprints. As I immerse in a sea tangle things begin to shift – I […]

Carbon Prints – Jack Everett

Jack Everett 29 September - 03 October

Having not exhibited in the UK for some years Jack Everett has arrived at printing geometrical solid wooden blocks onto paper. With the sculptors urge to tell the narrative deep within the tree, these prints form a large body of work that explore how grain patterning exposes structure in surprising ways. By burning and brushing out his […]

The Ten

Harriet Eagle, Helen Falconar, Annie Farrer, Lucia Jones, Lynette Kay, Kay Lynn, Brian MacShane, Jane Overbury, Lesley Plumridge and Mary Trapp September 14 - 23

THE TEN is a collective of ten artists formed in St Ives in 2016. Based across the UK, their work covers a multitude of disciplines ranging from painting and sculpture to installation. Their eponymous exhibition will showcase a broad range of contemporary art and marks their second exhibition as a collective.    

Behind Closed Doors

September 7 - 12

The End Hunger UK campaign present the ‘Behind Closed Doors’ exhibition which aims to raise awareness of the nature, scale, causes and experiences of food insecurity in Britain today. The exhibition gives a platform to people who experience household food insecurity as they are best placed to talk about and present their situation. We also […]

Lost Ways

August 31 - September 05

New Sculpture by Harriet Aston In the modern, urban world, there are confused borderlands, mid-way between organised town and organised countryside. These edge-lands resist definition – and that vagueness can be desolate, even menacing. A gallery space is also a space of dislocation that can dissolve clear boundaries. But, out of the unease and disturbance, […]

Abstract Artfulness – Perceptions of Portugal

August 23 - 29

  In June 2018 South West based artist Becky Buchanan spent a month at the artist residency ‘Foundation Obras’ in Estremoz, Portugal. This exhibition is a collection of the bold large scale works that Becky painted during that time, along with subsequent artwork that has been informed by her experience. Becky is an artist who […]

The Heart of the Matter

14 July - 19 August

The Heart of the Matter is an exhibition that brings together art and medicine to reflect on the human heart. The heart can symbolise romantic love and the centre of human emotion, but it is also the engine room of our body and an intricate piece of machinery. Through artworks inspired by patients with heart […]

Dan Hunt & invited artists

July 7th & 8th

Painter Dan Hunt returns to the gallery along with other Bristol based artists: showing a selection of process based paintings and light installation.

Spike Print Studio Learning Programme End of Year Show

1 YEAR PORTFOLIO COURSES Saturday 30th June / Monday 2nd - Wednesday 4th July

Spike Print Studio in Bristol is the largest open-access print studio in the South West.  We are a charitable organisation and a co-founder of Spike Island.  Our spacious studio provides a creative environment for the public, members and artists to explore their work and offers technical support for them to produce original prints.  Our Learning Programme is well established, with […]


June 23 - 27

Stirring up new ideas Soup is a design show collecting and celebrating the work of the students from City of Bristol College and Plymouth Univeristy’s FdA Graphic Design and Interactive Multimedia courses. On show is a selection of work from some of Bristol’s best up and coming designers creating new ideas across a vast array […]


June 15 - 21

Graduation Show Foundation Degree (FdA) Professional Photography – City of Bristol College This show presents the culmination of the photography student’s two years of study and hard work before progression to Plymouth University, UWE Bristol or freelance photographic practice. The work on show ranges from refined, sophisticated, studio shooting, abstract monochrome architectural forms, engaged street […]

The End of Show

June 8 - 13

Returning to Centrespace in June is the annual ‘End of Show’ organised and presented by North Bristol students, bringing together a diverse and innovative selection of fine art, textiles, photography and fashion design. The show is intended as a culmination and celebration of work produced over the past two years and will no doubt be […]

Creative Review of Polish Artists in the UK

June 1 - 6

You are invited to an exhibition by Art Meeting – An overview of polish artists in the UK. Diversity of styles and subjects and high artistic standards are the key elements of ART Meeting. Our goal is to show everyone living in the UK that Polish people coming to this country are not just workers […]

Chicken Soup

May 25 - 31

Chicken Soup Contemporary Collection :”The process in which we work is an interesting thing. For some the process is everything, for others it is merely the stepping stone between your mind and the world, either way the work is produced through catharsis. Chicken soup for the soul. Chicken soup is a comforter, a healer when […]

Collaborative Painting UK

May 18 - 23

Collaborative Painting UK is a new arts organisation that facilitate creative arts events and training that build new networks, develop communication skills, celebrate shared experience and create unimaginable, unique works of art. This event will launch Collaborative Painting UK through a series of workshops, live collaborative art sessions and an exhibition of 10 Tunisian Collaborative Painting artworks, raising awareness of how our […]

XII: Exposition

May 11 - 16

XII: Exposition is a collection of work produced by third year BA Photojournalism students from the University of South Wales. The work covers a range of mediums such as video, analogue and digital photography and illustrates different skills and techniques that each individual uses to convey stories.

Chorus: Sculpture Installation

Harriet Aston May 4 - 9

In Greek Tragedy the chorus grounds the action in time and space. The chorus is many and yet one, commenting on the unfolding drama, in dialogue with the actors, the source of primal energy. Three players will perform in dialogue with the artworks at intervals throughout the exhibition. Performances: Sun – Wed 3pm & 5pm. […]

Fusion – Ryan Ceri Wynn

April 28 & 29

Ryan’s work centres around the concept of post humanism. This is the theory that the next stage in human evolution will come from cybernetics and the manipulation of the human genome. His work interrogates both the reality of this and its possible consequences whilst investigating our ever-growing reliance on technology in every aspect of our […]

Unveil’d presents: Lola Paprocka

April 19 - 25

In collaboration with Palm* Studios, Unveil’d presents a solo-show by photographer Lola Paprocka. The exhibition highlights work from Blokovi, winner of Unveil’d Photobook Award 2016, alongside new work. Lola Paprocka has been exhibited worldwide and runs Palm* Studios, the London based publishing house. www.unveild.co.uk , www.lolapaprocka.com


April 13 - 18

Sundlaug // (Icelandic) Noun (fem.) • swimming pool _________________ Welcome to the Sundlaug, would you like a towel? Take a dip in the pool, where tired bodies and distracted minds are tranquilised. Close your eyes and submerge yourself under the warm cleansing waters. As you bathe allow your physicality to diffuse and your essence liquesce. […]


April 6 -11

An exhibition by art psychotherapists: Artists: Jess Bidmead, Alex Burr, Louise Bradley, Sarah Challenger, Ben Gage, Julia Hutchinson , Georgina Sumner, Amy Wise, Ella Bryant, Emily Stanworth, Bridget Salter  

Aliens of the Art World

March 30 - April 04

Aliens of the Art World is an out of this world exhibition by queer artists. Bringing together artists working in a wide range of media the works draw on themes of space and science fiction to explore our realities. We’re on a mission to create our own home planet, our own galaxy, our own new […]

Marietta’s Wardrobe – The Secret History of Clothes

Hazel Hammond March 23 - 28

Who was Marietta? That is the mystery. Can you capture her in a poem just by handling her clothes? That’s the challenge that Bristol poet and artist Hazel Hammond set herself when she was asked to help catalogue the clothing of this little-known fashionista from Brighton. Marietta was 90 when she died in 2016. She […]


March 16 - 21

The gallery? – a strange place. It is supposed to provide access to artistic work and contemplation, but at the same time its “symbolic borders” prevent people from entering the space. Why/ what? An enclosed semi-public room implies certain rules: Make your visit in the set times, behave appropriately, and of course: Be interested. Well, […]


March 9 - 14

LAID BARE is a visual journey and reflection of human nature relating to Martin Heidegger’s philosophy of ‘being in the world’. The exhibition reveals how each and everyone of us owns our own voice and lens. This is displayed through the diverse collection of artworks by pre-degree students currently studying at UCW University Centre Weston. We […]

Lavrak Circus Extravaganza

March 2 -7

Drum roll please… A whole week of circus for your viewing pleasure, Yes, that’s right! an entire week of circus!…and an abundance of other performing arts, from spoken word to burlesque! Something for all you arty lovers! Show Timetable: Fri 2nd and Sat 3rd March at 7pm The Imaginarium – A Circus Cabaret of The […]

Nothing to Spare

February 23 - 28

Nothing To Spare will be an experimental exhibition that uses the Gallery at Centrespace like it has never been used before! The exhibition will play host to local art collective Terra Cotta Prints’ latest work. The collectives range of work will play to their usual bold and minimal block color style with work ranging from […]

I’m new here

February 16 - 21

Do-IY is a brand new collective formed in Bristol; aiming to bring together art, music and technology, creating a synthesis of ‘gesantkunstwerk’. This concept, coined by Richard Wagner, was a reaction against the lack of cultural truths within 17th century Italian opera. This is a platform to produce, collaborate and curate. Our ethos focuses on […]

The Graphic Arts of Photography

February 9 - 14

Digitisation has transformed the way we make and think about contemporary photography, and introduced a greater level of hybridisation between disciplines. As Joan Fontcuberta argues in his book ‘Pandora’s Camera: Photography After Photography’, it is not the technological, but the conceptual transfer that is the most interesting aspect. This exhibition explores photography that engages with the practices of drawing, sculpture, performance, painting, the written […]

Turducken: Ready Steady Puke

January 27 - 31

A regurgitation of grotesque ideals. TURDUCKEN: Ready Steady Puke combines the artwork of 16 artists and their slop. Slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp […]

Analysis of “X”

UWE Students + Alumni 19 - 23 January '18

An exhibition of drawing and Print curated by  Jan-Philipp Fuehsorge of the Drawing Hub in Berlin. http://www.thedrawinghub.org Selected from an open submission competition from all three years of the present BA. Hons Drawing & Print Degree as well as past Alumni. Image: ‘Pharoh the Banker’ John France

Concrete Collective

Gen Harrison, Graham Cook and Ella Sparkes January 11 - 15

Concrete Collective is a newly founded art and design collective made up of three MA multi-disciplinary printmakers/artists, Gen Harrison, Graham Cook and Ella Sparkes. The work is a strong mix of photographic and graphical pulled together through varying print processes with the underlying focus on the ‘The CITY’.  The Collective’s visual exploration responds to the […]


December 15 - 17

Artists: Sally Coulden & Jane Speedy Having met at Art school, Bishopston based ‘emerging artists’ Sally Coulden and Jane Speedy have taken the leap into their new careers as professional artists. Both Jane and Sally have both embraced change and new challenges throughout their working lives, which for both of them has been about grasping […]

Vivienne Baker – Paintings

December 8 - 13

The images/memories that Vivienne uses as starting points for paintings are all places that she has encountered but changed and distorted during the painting process to reveal something new, capturing perhaps only the essence of a place or memory. She makes use of low-tech photographic resources and exploits the distortion and interference that often occurs […]


December 2 - 6

A collection of portraits of makers by Nick Hand. Nick Hand has for the past ten years recorded the work of craftsmen and women. There is much to learn from people who make things in a slow considered way and who have honed their skills over long periods of time. Many of the images are […]

Don Mandarin – An Occult Diary

November 25 - 29

The Somerset Papers & Recordings A collection of papers, tape recordings and ephemera from the sprawling occult diary of Don Mandarin esquire. This includes pencil drawings, collages, texts and cassette box art. The audio cassette recordings are all that is left of the  Don Mandarin ‘sound library’. The majority of recordings were channelled under what were virtually […]

Centrespace 40th Anniversary Exhibition

November 18 - 22

Centrespace Studios & Gallery are proud to present their 40th anniversary exhibition opening on the 18th of November. Celebrating 40 years as a co-operative providing 30 low cost studios and workshops. Located in Leonard Lane, in the medieval part of Bristol city centre, the organisation is unique in the region for its continued self sufficiency […]

Platform 2: InsideOut

Laura Williams November 11 - 15

PLATFORM 2: INSIDEOUT is an exhibition set in the lost garden, an installation presenting artwork made by Bristol based artist Laura Williams and in collaboration with a collective mix of creative performers and diners … we bring you a garden of earthly delights InsideOut. This is Laura’s second solo exhibition investigating Process v Product, exploring […]

In Light of Moving Images

Alex Nevill November 4 - 7

In Light of Moving Images is a series of audiovisual installations exploring lighting on screen. Traditionally considered the responsibility of a cinematographer, lighting in a filmmaking context usually refers to the arrangement of illumination sources around a location or set to create a specific aesthetic. Expanding this term, lighting can also refer to creative control […]

TRAVELLING ICONS: A MEDITATION ON BEAUTY Six Embodied Thoughts on Art and Life

VISUAL ART: Anthony J. Faulder-Mawson, PERFORMANCE ART: Ursula Mawson-Raffalt October 15 - 25

) + ( = aO   m a w s o n  –  r a f f a l t  +  f a u l d e r  –  m a w s o n  TRAVELLING ICONS: A MEDITATION ON BEAUTY is an intimate and passionate journey that corresponds with the artistic vision encapsulated by the […]

David Maclay: Photography, sculpture, mixed media 1975-2017

October 7 - 11

David Maclay is an NEA award-winning American artist who has been resident in the UK for 30 years. A graduate of the Boston Museum School and the San Francisco Art Institute, David was among a group of San Francisco artists that pioneered the open studios movement in 1973. He is represented in both private and […]

Dan Hunt

September 30 - October 4

We are happy to welcome Artist Dan Hunt, returning to the gallery with an exhibition of paintings.

Celebrate the Mundane! The Umbrella Cover Museum Storms the UK

Nancy 3. Hoffman, Director and Curator September 15 - 27

The Umbrella Cover Museum, which holds the Guinness World Record for the most umbrella sleeves, has chosen Bristol for its first international tour. This quirky collection of umbrella covers from all over the world, along with its Director and Curator, Nancy 3. Hoffman (the three is not a typo – it’s her middle number), will […]

No Earth Beneath My Feet

Jonathon Campbell Mills September 9 -13

No Earth Beneath My Feet is an exhibition exploring migration, displacement and identity. “I was looking for a phrase that linked the ‘everywhere’ with ‘here’. I tried ‘Earth Street’ implying the world in a single place and looked to see how it translated across languages. I wrote it in Urdu script to get feedback from […]

Urban Feral: Species inDifference

Silvia Carderelli - Gronau September 4 - 6

Artist Silvia Carderelli – Gronau’s installation is an immersive audiovisual investigation exploring interspecies relationships. Dogs and humans, both succumbed to domesticated lives, entwined by physicality, touch and companionship. How can we sense us? A diverse collective group of human/non humans, with the potential to inform relationships and bring to the forefront the idea of social […]


Fani Golemi, David Rock, Georgina Coleman, Shannon Smyth, Harry Binstead, Larrie Wong August 26 - 30

Cognizant, an exhibition that will enquire into the transient nature of the human mind and its relation to mental health. Shifting from the subliminal, chaotic and often disruptive experiences, towards a recognition of mental states. Expressed through short film and moving image.

Harriet Aston & Co

Harriet Aston & performers August 18 - 23

Sculptor Harriet Aston returns to the gallery for one week. Accompanied at intervals by her actor son Max and friends. There will be spontaneous experimental making and performing. Please watch this space for further last minute information and the black board outside the gallery if you are passing!


August 11 - 16

15 artists based in the South West of England, provide a rich and diverse range of responses to the question: How does our sense of place influence our perception of space? The title lends itself to the senses of place within a person, and how these baseline places form their perception, construction and understanding of […]

Romanticised Heroicism

Jason Brown & Bernard Fairhurst August 5 - 9

“Complexities of pioneering exploration in an age of mostly charted territories.” Artists Bernard Fairhurst and Jason Brown present an exhibition of newly constructed works of a playful, whimsical and nonsensical nature including a mixture of sculpture, installation and text-based print.  

Spike Print Studio Learning Programme End of Year Show

Saturday 22nd July / Monday 24th - Wednesday 26th July

Spike  Print Studio in Bristol is the largest open-access print studio in the  South West and a co-founding, not for profit studio group of Spike  Island.  Our spacious studio provides a creative environment for the public, members and  artists  to explore their work and offers technical support for them to produce  original prints.  Our  Learning Programme is well […]

Chrono GoGo

Hank Rossi, Rich Fox, Louis Wood July 6 - 17

CentreSpace Gallery in association with The Institute of Now If you had a Time Machine, to when would you go? Artist and filmmaker Hank Rossi has been building and operating Time Machines for a decade. In this exhibition he displays a retrospective of artwork, photography and film props, including three different Time Machines. As well […]


June 24 - 28

At the end of June, City of Bristol’s second year FdA Graphic Design and Interactive Multimedia students present their end of course show, “Parallax”, at Centrespace Gallery. The show’s name lends itself to ‘differing perspectives’. It charts how the student’s have developed as designers over the two year course and how they have learned to […]


June 16 - 21

‘AS IS’ – the annual Graduation Show by students on the FdA Professional Photography, City of Bristol College.The show comprises photographic works ranging from edgy unseen documentaries, photographic explorations of racial identity, fresh approaches to studio portraiture, photography and performance, concept driven landscape, the interface between photography and virtual reality, and more. Also on show […]

The End of Show

June 10 - 14

The End of Show celebrates emerging fine artists, textile artists and photographers from North Bristol Post 16 Centre. The exhibition will showcase work from over 50 of this year’s A-Level students.


David Callas June 2 - 7

David Callas was born in Bristol (Knowle) in 1934. On leaving school at the age of fifteen he embarked on an engineering apprenticeship and this was very likely the source of his creativity. David married in 1962 and had three children. As with many young families at that time they were far from well off […]


Alex Orton, Kelsey Cruz-Martin, Pace Frith, Will Hughes May 27 - 31

HERE Explores the mutuality of a continuum scale, that occurs within the practice of 4 artists. The exhibition will focus on a single point on the scale for two of the artists. Other works will attempt to span the continuum. Media includes Kinetic and Static Sculpture, Audio and Video. The exhibition features the work of […]


Theresa Fard, Peter Lyons, Vicky Takooree, James Vassalo May 20 - 24

Presence can have different meanings – a spiritual presence or being in the moment or a person can be said to have presence. The origin of the word Presence comes from Latin praesentia ‘being at hand’ The four artists in this show each investigate the different meanings of presence through their fine art practice. Through […]


May 13 - 17

13 Unknown photographers exhibiting contemporary photography, of all genres. Danny Ablitt, Laura Anderson, Patrick Brock, Charleen Burse, Mike Butt, Kirsty Chapman, Alex Fletcher, Niamh Hopton, Melissa Kettrick, Tom Roche, Phoebe, Stargatt, Alice Wood, Faith Wright


April 28 - May 03

An exhibition of work by Ruth Broadway and Emily Ketteringham connected by a shared love of collecting, museums and maps. Emily will be showing her new body of work inspired by her ever growing collection of maps, and her love of rocks. Her large circular screenprints are interpretations of geological maps – areas of different […]


Mary Roberts-Holmes, Jack Friswell, Oliver McConnie, Sam Fleming, Max Naylor, Julian Bell April 8 - 12

GOTT MATE MUTT “Tiger got to hunt, bird got to fly; Man got to sit and wonder ‘why, why, why?’ Tiger got to sleep, bird got to land; Man got to tell himself he understand.” –      Kurt Vonnegut   ‘Gott Mate Mutt’ is an exhibition that explores human nature perceived by the artists in reaction to both Kurt Vonnegut’s […]


Hollie Page, Lyle Anderton, Amy Grace, Fynne Saunders, Ella Shipway April 1 - 6

‘URL IRL’ explores the progressive visual medium of online image macros, commonly referred to as ‘Memes’ by challenging and questioning online presence and online culture. It wonders at the swift rise of visual language in popular culture and how this may affect the future of visual communication. The gallery will act as a critical space […]

New Sculpture ’17

Harriet Aston March 25 - 29

An exciting exhibition of brand new paper sculptures by Harriet Aston.

Unloved – The Forgotten Holocaust

Nick Hales March 17 - 22

The creative aspect consists of a 4m * 7m floor installation of 6 million grains of white rice. These represent the 6 million children dying every year from PREVENTABLE causes, (note an additional 4 million die from unpreventable causes). Each grain of white rice is symbolic as representing a small white coffin. The rice is […]

Darkest Hour

Marie Em March 04 - 08

In her first solo exhibition Marie Em presents sculptures of dark deconstructed human body postures based on emotion and experiences from her past.

Moving Image Art: THREE

February 25 - 28

MIA: 3 continues on from a set of yearly exhibitions initiated by PhD students and staff of the University of the West of England, Bristol. The exhibition features new video and digital work by students, staff and related artists making work funded by the University’s video art bursary scheme in partnership with Bristol Museum, Knowle […]

IV Art Meeting

February 16 - 22

A creative review of Polish Artists Living in the UK Featuring artists: Agnieszka Biardzka, Agnieszka Bignell, Magdalena Brańczyk, Ewelina Labuda, Sylwia Łakoma, Robert Malinowski, Ewa Reucka, Katrina Sadrak, Dominika Wenz, Łukasz Wośko, Marcin Szuba, Magdalena Szymkiewicz, Magdalena Lesiak, Beata Milligan-Sawick, Jakub Wawrzynczak  

Pay & Display Prize 2017 – Exhibition

February 4 - 15

Following our  successful launch of Pay & Display in March 2016. Centrespace Gallery presents The Pay & Display Prize. A fresh and exciting selling exhibition of contemporary art work selected from an open call by international artist Daphne Wright & Beatrice Haines our 2015 artist in residence. Contemporary artists were invited to apply to exhibit […]


Matthew Dickson, Hugo de Brett, Anna Kenneally, Scott Ashmore, Ollie Guyon, & Zooey Gleaves. January 28 - February 1

Archipelago is an investigation into the lusts, desires, fantasies, nightmares and dreams of a group of up and coming artists and performers. Featuring, drawing, painting and a live performance installation, this group of artists hope to display intricate and exotic images featuring the deepest and darkest thoughts and feelings loosely based on the world we […]

Drawing & Print

UWE Students + Alumni 18 - 24 January '18

An exhibition of drwaing and print curated by Jan-Philipp Fruehsorge of The Drawing Hub in Berlin. http://www.thedrawinghub.org Selected from an open submission competition from all three years of the present Drawing & Print Degree as well as past Alumni.

Etsy Made Local – market

Etsy sellers in Bristol December 3 & 4

Etsy Made Local – market Saturday & Sunday December 3 & 4 Open: 10:00 – 16:00 Etsy Sellers in Bristol Team is helping the people of Bristol conquer their Christmas shopping and connect with the makers and designers behind the perfect gifts at the Etsy Made Local market, at Centrespace Gallery, Bristol on the weekend […]

Memory of space – Space of Memory

November 25 - 30

Students from the Drawing and Print BA programme at UWE present an exhibition of work in response to the idea, ‘Memory of Space – Space of Memory’. The students were invited to respond to the title by Jan-Phillip Fruhsorge, an international curator based in Berlin, and Director of Fruehsorge Contemporary Drawing Gallery. Students and alumni […]

Vintage Trinidad

November 21, 22, & 23

Ebony Rose Presents ‘Vintage Trinidad’ ; A 3 day exciting and colourful delve into the vivid traditional culture of the Caribbean island of Trinidad. A visual collection of the Trinidadian history and identity expressed via a retro revisit of colour, print, drawings in an eye-catching vibrant display. The Island of Trinidad has long had the […]

Hybrid 2016: Story

Saturday 12 - Saturday 19 November

Artists: Caroline Case, Judith Ducker, Helen Jury, Liz Lumley Smith, Sarah Parkinson, Deborah Weymont, Fiona Williams We are a group of seven women artists who are also art psychotherapists working under the collective name Hybrid to reflect the two different parts of our identities. In this our fourth exhibition, we are inspired by and engaging with, narrative, […]

A Walk in the Park

November 4 - 9

Take four artist co-ordinators of the Victoria Park Big Park Draw community drawing project. Arm them with sketchbooks and a camera. Send them off together for a walk in the park. They may be some time… This exhibition is the result of the collective and individual responses of Charlotte Murray, Eleanor Jane Lee, David Smith […]


October 14 - 26

UNSEEN – A new collective of 6 Bristol artists, showcasing photography, graphic illustration and drawings. The show comprises each artist’s interpretation of the theme “unseen”. The unfamiliar, captured moments, imagined glimpses, imperceptions, the unnoticed, the hidden, and the concealed. Our realities, in unseen ways. Our interpretations of the concept of being ‘unseen’, whether relating to being […]

Dark Theatre

Michael Dunwell October 1 - 12

The Dark Theatre series of large paintings stands for the potential energy building up in playwrights when the theatre is “dark”.  This is a metaphor for the lack of political representation of the Green message, which is positive, hopeful and even joyous.  Painter Michael Dunwell has worked for the Transition movement since its beginnings and […]

Art of the Improvisers

September 16 - 18 & 22 - 25

7 days of abstract painting, improvised music and fortune telling from Artists: Dan Hunt, Vic Coombes, Naomi Greeves, Barnabas Y, Don Mandarin

Brick Lane Paint Connection

Gina Love & Dr Martin Raskovsky September 09 - 14

Martin returns to Centrespace with Painter Gina Love. Their artwork is linked together through a desire to create dramatic unique images, which through colour, exquisite detail and exploration of process draws the viewer into a place of the imagination. They met while showing together in Brick Lane (London) and are excited to be presenting their […]


Ellen Southern September 3 - 6

In this exhibition Ellen will present and explore the multidisciplinary, polymathic, or, to put it in vocal terms, polyphonic (‘many voices’) nature of her practice. Ellen’s work spans the mediums of sound art, field recording, drawing, video, installation, performance and photography. This ‘polyphonic practice’ is influenced by a passion for singing in amateur choirs, together […]

Shifting Divides

August 27 - 31

This exhibition reveals a rich seam of contemporary artists who embrace drawing and print as an essential part of their creative practice. Pushing the boundaries of both they each present very personal interpretations of the possibilities suggested by these ancient and enduring processes. Artists: Lucy Austin, Samuele Bastianello, Ruth Broadway, Carolyn Bunt, Nicky Cornwell, Matthew […]


August 19 - 24

Showcasing the work of 6 young artists aged 18-19, five of whom have recently completed an Art Foundation course. Their work explores the pressing questions present in today’s society related to intimacy and sexuality. Through the mediums of installation, neon text, embroidery, print making, photography & painting they attempt to embody moments of intimacy whether […]

Samuele Bastianello Drawings

August 13-17

The 150 drawings on display by Samuele Bastianello range from small to very large, from disturbingly silly to exactingly sombre, but they all tap into both the colourful joy of childrens art and the complexity that tends to engulf adult life. The artwork invites the viewer to question the reasons and forms of expression behind […]

Cardboard Gallery

Matias Serra Delmar, Alexander Ambrose, Hirome Kato, Rob Carnie, Belen (Petiroja) Serra Delmar August 5 - 10

Why Are Un-Aesthetics? Cardboard Gallery is born out of ongoing questioning around how to exhibit art today. We recognised the street as a free space where anyone could participate enabling all audiences and allowing artists to show their work to the public. Why cardboard? It belongs to the street. It belongs to this century where […]

Spike Print Studio Learning Programme End of Year Show

Spike Print Students July 15 - 20

Spike Print Studio in Bristol is the largest open-access print studio in the South West and a co-founding, not for profit studio group of Spike Island.  Our spacious studio provides a creative environment for artists to explore their work and offers technical support for them to produce original prints. Our Learning Programme is well established, […]

My Dreams

Dr Martin Raskovsky July 8 - 13

Martin’s work is characterised by dreamlike other worldly natural landscapes. His images are fantasy-like but with a hint of realism that evokes a poetic, tantalising and intriguing response. His current interest is in the post capture creative process. It is a search for colours and forms that emanate from his inner self, often completely unrelated to […]


June 25 - 29

‘An end of course show full of choice cuts, straight from the Manifold’  A showcase of innovative design solutions from Foundation Degree Graphic Design and Interactive Multimedia students from the City of Bristol College. The show will include Editorial Design, Packaging, 3D Animation, Video, Identity design, Advertising and much more! Artists Exhibiting: Year 2 Fda Graphic […]

‘Wall to Wall’

June 17 - 22

Graduation Show Foundation Degree (FdA) Professional Photography City of Bristol College The show promises photographic works ranging from surreal darkroom paintings, poignant unseen documentaries, contemplations on death, painterly landscapes, polaroid street- scapes and more produced using both contemporary and traditional technology For the group, Student Rep Sam Ruston said: “We are excited in sharing a […]

The End of Show

North Bristol Post 16 Visual Arts Students June 11 - 15

The End of Show celebrates emerging fine artists, textile artists and photographers from North Bristol Post 16 Centre. The exhibition will showcase work from over 50 of this year’s A-Level students.

‘Foreign Lands’

Alice Freeman, Joe Warrior Walker June 4 - 8

‘Foreign Lands’ is an exhibition bringing together work by Joe Warrior Walker and Alice Freeman. Both artists work have a strong relation to the natural and biological, but with juxtaposing aesthetics. Warrior Walkers visceral colours and expressive brushstrokes contrast against Freemans intricate lines and bold sculptural forms. Freeman and Warrior Walker have exhibited extensively across […]

Harriet Aston – New sculpture

May 26 - June 02

Harriet Aston returns with an intriguing new collection of paper sculptures. Increasingly abstract and gently defiant, each piece deftly sidesteps description or classification. A strong sense of ‘otherness’ pervades. They have an insistent presence and a solid appearance that belies their fragile ephemeral nature. Made from salvaged brown wrapping paper, the waxy surface is dyed […]

The International Festival of Apathy

May 13 -25

‘Apathy dictates what we do, as much as what we don’t do. It makes us angry as much as it makes us bored’ The exhibition in the gallery represents a response to these themes. The work is mostly letterpress printed by the Letterpress Collective, The Print Project and Nomad Letterpress. It also includes work by […]


May 6 -11

A collaborative exhibition of the 2nd Year students of the Weston College course “Contemporary Arts and Professional Studies” running in conjunction with Bath Spa University. The show will feature a range of media including Sculptures, print, Oil paintings, Illustrations and many more. We have an extremely diverse range of skills with which we explore our unique […]


April 30 - May 5

TEN is an exhibition of photography and moving image ranging from fashion and portraiture to still life and documentary work.  The work and images have all been produced by ten second year Photography degree students from Weston College, who have all been working on individual projects since January, to form their first collaborative exhibition to […]

‘Do with this as you will’

April 22 - 27

An interactive performance that invites the audience to collaborate with the artists to produce the ‘artworks’. “Do with this as you will” aims to explore and critique the idea of training to become an ‘artist’. An art school studio practice will be mimicked within the gallery space. An event that we hope will break down […]

Red Moon

Liz Banks & Deborah Weinreb April 16 & 17

A weekend show curated by filmmaker and UWE academic Liz Banks and social artist Deborah Weinreb around women’s changing identity during their fifties. The exhibition features the participatory film project Red Moon Diaries, directed by Liz Banks, which draws on the everyday thoughts and emotions of women in their fifties from various cultural backgrounds in […]


Charlie Mundy, Leanne Betts, Seong-youn Yu, Eamon Solly April 7 - 13

An exhibition of paintings by four BA  students studying contemporary Art and Professional Studies at Weston College. The theme of the show centres around an exploration of emotional responses to colour. Subject matter ranges from traditional portraiture and still life through to semi narrative and abstraction. The show also includes several ceramic pieces featuring two […]

Recursive Gardens

David Foord & Dan Hampson April 2 - 6

Exploring the work of two emerging artists based in Bristol, Recursive Gardens presents visions of an unfinished history of our relationship to landscape. Both David Foord and Dan Hampson construct landscapes which are imaginary, yet at the same time the nuances of these places seem familiar and touch upon real events. Dan Hampson is interested […]

2nd ‘Recursion’

March 24 - 30

An intriguing installation inviting the viewer to enter an interactive light and sound space in which our perception of reality is teasingly undermined; where we are confronted by pieces which allude to the infinite landscapes of mathematics and virtual reality. Artists: The Orm (group) – Matthew Roy Arnold (sculpture), Daniel Cioccoloni, (sound Artist), Brendan James […]


March 18 - 22

‘Movement’ is an exhibition by the Post-Diverts Student Art Collective. We are a collaborative group of nine fine artists at Bristol School of Art that share diverse histories, cultures and senses of humour.  ‘Movement’ implies motion through space, the passing of time, as well as socio-political and cultural changes. The multi-media work emerged out of […]


March 11 - 16

The colour pink has always been contentious and rife with stereotypical affiliations and purposes. Its place as a second class colour in the world of kitsch, femininity and camp has culturally defined it as niche and not to be taken seriously. SLUICE plans to reevaluate these connotations, with artists using pink to either rejoice in […]

Pay & Display

March 4 - 9

The Gallery is introducing a new opportunity for contemporary artists to exhibit work in a city centre location. Offering 50 selected artists the chance to purchase a £15 permit to show one original piece of work. Painting, installation, photography, print, film, drawing *All works are for sale


February 26 - March 02

An Exhibition exploring themes and ideas around the human body. Bringing together a group of artists and their individual journeys of discovery through a variety of mediums, from performance to simple sketches. Seven artists will be showing sculpture, film, painting photography and cyanotype photograms shown with extremes of scale. This exhibition encourages the visitor to […]


February 19 - 24

“Whether it be the heart to conceive, the understanding to direct or the hand to execute” “Direction” is an exhibition of four very different artists: interpreting in their own particular medium what ‘Direction’ means to them. From prints to motion graphics and painting to installation art, for these four artists from Somerset ‘Direction’  is manifested […]

“…Time, as a Construct…”

February 6 - 10

A mixed media exhibition exhibition of sonic, typographical, visual, illustrative, abstract and fine Art ‘We aim to explore our relationship with time, it’s capacity to provide measure and metering, and it’s capacity to be corrosive. We challenge you to critique your own relationship with time be it your life goals, the concept of ageing, or […]

Centrespace Christmas Show

December 11-20

From screenprints to illustrations, paintings to metalwork, or a mini masterpiece for your tree and everything in between. There will be something for everyone in this excellent exhibition by the members of Centrespace Studios. A not to be missed fabulous opportunity to view and purchase original arts and crafts by established successful makers, designers and […]


Dec 5 - 8

  CMIR : ONE is the first of a set of yearly exhibitions initiated by the Centre for Moving Image Research at the University of the West of England. Running Sat 5th – Tues 8th December, it will showcase artists affiliated to CMIR whose work is primarily in video or film or is influenced by […]

…and thereby hangs a tale

November 20 - December 2

7 artists tell stories within their work, bringing together a range of disciplines, journeys and tales to tell. Vicki Campbell, Liz Hewitt, Tina Hill, Gail Mason, Lizzie Matthews, Sara Parsons and Stephanie Wooster together form iD-artists. Coming together they are truly Inter-Disciplinary, combining: Painting, Printmaking, Textiles, Ceramics, Book Arts, Film and Photography. As experienced artists […]

The Vale Of

Matthew Gorst November 13 - 18

The Vale Of, is a Mixed media show of paintings, prints, sketches, doodles + sculpture based loosely on an imaginary suburban town, which has an increasing population due to its proximity to somewhere more interesting. Hemmed in by B roads and retail experiences it’s mayor is currently searching for a foreign town to twin itself […]


Amy Meyer November 6 - 11

‘8mm Of Hope’ is a striking collection of large scale paintings that transform a transient memory and emotion into a bold statement. Often based on old family cine films the works show the struggle to communicate the innermost. The spray painted words and patterned backgrounds add a graphic quality and invite the viewer to join […]


October 24 - November 4

An exhibition of contemporary ceramic works by artists from Maze Studios. All the works in this exhibition share clay as their starting point yet each artist has their own unique approach to subject matter and making techniques which gives their work a distinct identity. The diversity of work demonstrates the materials exceptional versatility and physical […]


Harriet Aston 9 - 14 October

Paper & gilded sculpture Following a successful show in 2014, Harriet returns to Centrespace with an exhibition of sumptuous new work.


2nd - 7th October

ECO FEMINIST ART A collective art exhibition with an eclectic set of multi-media works. Artists explore the subject of Environmental Feminism, focusing on the ways in which patriarchal society “justifies and maintains relationships of domination and subordination” through themes such as freedom, community, motherhood, the female body, sexuality, and displacement. ARTISTS – Roberta Butter / […]

This Place in Time

Mossie Quille September 25 - 30

An exhibition of drawings and paintings Mossie Quille was born in Brixton and raised in Donegal, later returning to study at The Ruskin School of Art Cambridge. This exhibition, mostly of works created en plein air, follows the artist’s progress since returning from the Continent to take up residence in the UK in 2012. This […]

Seasons of a Woman

September 21 - 23

Our Bodies, Our Lives & 12 Moments of Renewal. A leading figure in her field, body mapping artist and psychotherapist Annette Schwalbe brings together 12 creative women, their body maps and stories of dropping deeper into the landscape of their bodies and lives. To unearth the old, to seed the new, to take a leap […]

‘Peace Comes from Small Things’

Beatrice Haines September 5 - 16

Following her residency in the gallery during August Beatrice shares with the public a thought provoking contemporary vision of the Old City with an invitation to delve into the multi-faceted urban world of the Old City streets. Events: Sunday September 6th: Make Sunday Special – 12 noon Drop-in activity workshop with Beatrice Wednesday September 9th […]

Old City Residency Project

Beatrice Haines August 3 - 28

We welcome Beatrice Haines as our selected artist to be resident in the gallery during August. She will be researching the area using the gallery as a temporary studio, preparing for an exhibition at the beginning of September. Her brief is to develop new work in response to the area around Centrespace as designated in […]

Human Nature

July 17 - 29

Celebrating emerging and cutting edge environmental art Human Nature is an exhibition of visual art exploring our changing relationship with the environment, raising awareness of fundamental environmental changes happening in our world. Brought to us by London-based Good Shout Studio. This multi-disciplinary show, on tour across the UK, combines street art, sculpture, illustration and painting. […]

Here is My Plan, I Will Do Anything You Say

Matt Macken July 10 - 15

Matt Macken is a UK based artist, recently moved to Bristol in 2015. His most recent works have been exhibited at Trispace Gallery & Bricklane Gallery, London. Ground Floor Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. Malt Cross Gallery, Nottingham. Newarke House Museum, Leicester. Matt will be creating large drawing projects every day throughout the week as well as […]

Site Singing

Ellen Southern July 3 - 8

An exhibition of a project in progress. Since last summer Sound Artist Ellen Southern has visited a variety of heritage sites within a day of Bristol by foot and public transport. At each site she has experimented with her own voice and the acoustics of each space, using her voice to vocalise, or give voice […]

The End of Show

June 27 - July 1

The End of Show celebrates emerging fine artists, textile artists and photographers from North Bristol Post 16 Centre. The exhibition will showcase work from over 60 young artists.

A Working Title

June 12 - 24

Foundation Degree (FdA) Professional Photography – City of Bristol College ‘A Working Title’ represents the work of 12 photographers at the end of their Professional Photography Foundation Degree. An exciting variety of work will be on show, using traditional film and digital mediums. You will see portraits, landscapes, documentary, abstract and film photography. The artists […]

Creative Practice – SGS College

June 9th & 10th

Foundation Degree (FdA) in Creative Practice students will be showcasing their final work. On display will the work of second year students who are completing their Foundation degrees in Graphic Design, Fashion and Photography. The exhibition is the culmination of two years of intensive study at the Bristol School of Art, WISE campus and will […]


On the Edge of Becoming

Peta Jacobs May 29 - 03 June

Artist Peta Jacobs questions certainty and perception by presenting shifting views relative to viewpoint. As one moves around the piece, colours fluctuate and elements appear and disappear. The abstract non-representational imagery and form suggest landscapes, cityscapes or other worlds. “Peta Jacob’s uses of cloth, mirrors and digital technologies have a magical, alchemic resonance as they […]

Letterpress Festival of Print

May 15 - 27

The Letterpress Collective is in it’s third year as a printshop, it organises the Letterpress Festival as a celebration of great print in the timeless form of letterpress, printed by small independent organisations around the world. The theme of the exhibition this year is music and the exhibition will contain posters, album and single covers, […]

Wild Wonders of Norway

Photographer - Tom Vooght May 8 - 13

Ever since childhood tales and stories of Norse myths, Photographer Tom Vooght had wanted to visit Norway. Since his first visit in 2010 he has returned again, and again. He is usually asked about the Aurora, or Northern Lights, but Norway has so much more to offer. Beautiful landscapes, amazing animals, wonderfully warm & friendly […]

A Scribble of Illustrators

Joe Berger, Paula Bowles, Jo Empson, Yaseen Ismail, Sean Julian, Steve Lenton, Henning Lohlein, Gwen Millard, Donough O'Malley, Lauren Tobia, Sarah Warburton May 1st - 6th

Eleven of the West Country’s finest Children’s authors and illustrators get scribbling, in an exhibition that showcases their huge range of techniques and skills and incorporates a host of family events, readings and workshops over the bank holiday weekend. In addition to exhibiting work from past, present and future children’s books, each illustrator will be […]


Sidnay Banks, Ben Hurst, Vicky Attwell, Alex Ripley, Sophie Nichols, Chris Gordon, Ella Sayce, Jacob Dear, Luke Cutter April 24 - 29

End of year degree show showcasing the work of Bath Spa University students, located at the Weston College University Campus in Weston Super Mare. Eleven BA Contemporary Arts and Professional Studies students specialising in Photography and Moving Image will present finished work covering a range of subjects including gender, sport and surveillance.

Not so firm as faded ink

Nicola Dale April 11 - 22

Not so firm as faded ink is a touring exhibition by artist Nicola Dale, questioning the potential of knowledge versus the constraint of information. Commissioned and curated by Mark Devereux Projects, the exhibition will launch at Centrespace Gallery in April before moving on to Arcadecardiff a month later. Nicola Dale’s work responds to a recent […]


March 28 - April 1

Third year university student Amy Rance put out an open call for photographers to respond to the word MIND in their own particular way. The result is a show of diversity including propositions from photographers of all levels.

Sci-Art Synergy

March 13 - 18

An exhibition by local artists and scientists that blurs the boundaries between science and art. Is is art? Is it science? Something else? This is your chance to contribute to the debate! Sponsored by the British Science Association

Tales of the unexpected

Bob Foster - Photography March 6 - 11

‘What is life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.’ from William Henry Davies’ poem Leisure. I’ve heard it said that to get a beautiful photograph, go to beautiful places. But there is much to discover by simply taking the time to be still and look closely. These images are […]

Highrise & Fall

13 - 18 February

An exhibition showcasing work from established artists, postgraduates and students from UWE fine art, illustration and graphic design courses: Exploring themes of psychogeography, millennial culture and urban exploration.

Bathed in Grey

James Morton February 6 - 11

James Morton presents 12 large scale oil paintings. Groups of people emerge from the paint that is layered and tactile, creating an atmosphere of anxiety and melancholy.

Centrespace members annual Xmas show

December 13 - 21 2014

Centrespace members present a showcase of creative excellence for the festive season. Selected works and projects representing the breadth and scope of their activities include painting, printmaking, 3D works, furniture, drawing, illustration, books, cards and other gifts. A new collection of Centrespace Christmas Cards, designed and screen printed in-house will be on sale. Limited edition […]

Bulb presents – ‘Woomb’

Anna & Nicole, Felix Drake, Archie Fitzgerald, James Hankins, Joe Hatt, Nicholas Stevenson, Robin Stewart, Stephanie Third, Oliver Wilde December 5 - 10

‘bulb returns to Centrespace Gallery for another swab of the eccentric, odd and maybe heretical. Working from the title ‘woomb’, the ever evolving osmotic entity are looking forward to welcoming you back to glimpse their domain, devoid of banality and comfort zones. This will be a multi-medium show with the artists presenting their work in […]

Women’s Aid 40th birthday exhibition

Tim Jones: Photography November 21-26

Women’s Aid is celebrating 40 years of lifesaving work, helping abused women and children who are living with domestic violence. The National Women’s Aid Federation was set up in 1974, the first national domestic violence organisation bringing together nearly 40 refuge services across the country. For the first time there was a national body to […]

7iD-The journey continues…..

Tina Hill, Dominic Hewitt, Gail Mason, Sara Parsons, Stephanie Wooster, Liz Hewitt, Helen Burgess November 15-19

6 members of iD, a group of interdisciplinary artists from Bristol and North Somerset, plus an invited guest artist, present their current explorations in photography, collagraph, contemporary knitwear, textiles, painting, mixed media, sculpture, screen print and film. The exhibition includes  2 & 3D collagraphs by Tina Hill, who continues her exploration of doors, open and […]

Art Meeting

Present the work of 11 artists November 7-12

Art Meeting is the third review of polish artists living in Bristol. The aim of the group is to encourage and facilitate integration through art regardless of age or experience. This annual review enables the artists to share a passion for art with a wider public. For members of Art Meeting it is important to find time […]

Moving Paintings

Charlotte Humpston November 1-5

An installation of artworks, using paint and textile techniques together with projected short films. This series of ‘Moving Paintings’ is inspired by the landscape of Somerset, the sea at Cape Cornwall and water reflections in the canals of Venice. Charlotte’s work explores the interplay between painted images, manipulated fabric surface and the play of light […]

Eden 4

Rosie Dolton, Beckie Upton, Rachel Falber, Amy Higgins October 24 - 29

An artist led group of four emerging female artists. For one week only Eden 4 are opening their studio to the public. Part performance, installation and live art they will use the gallery space as a temporary studio, combining their individual practices of drawing, illustration, sculpture, installation and textiles. Working collaboratively they will create an ambitious new […]

Nic Pehkonen: Paintings

October 10 - 15

  Nic’s work is heavily influenced by architecture. Using canvas cut to shape to create powerful forms with roughly executed surfaces, his art occupies a space between painting and sculpture. His current work is rooted in concrete architecture with particular reference to industrial buildings, military installations and abandoned sites. The decaying structures occupying the ex-MOD […]

Playing Around

Lucy Austin, Nicky Cornwell, Marilyn Marshall 3 - 8 October 2014

Three artists with spaces at Mivart Street Studios create a show of recent paintings. Each works from a different perspective: all are concerned with gently teasing quiet, deeper human realities from an often deceptive surface. Events: Artists, Talk, Tea, Cake – Saturday 4th October @ 4pm Tango Taster – Sunday 5th October @ 3pm Drawing […]

The Art Of Manipulation

Matthew Maguire & Sinead Kelly 25 September - 02 October

This exhibition revolves around subtle interactions whereby the works and spaces have the ability to be manipulated and grow through the creativity and realisation of the public.


‘Shooting from the Hip’

Harriet Aston, Stephen Buckeridge, Tony Eastman, Michael Hayter, Stuart Low, Dave Morgan-Davies, Jitka Palmer, Ruth Piper 12 - 24 September

The Searchers – Visual Artists An exhibition of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography & film. With an accompanying essay by Lizzie Lloyd, ‘Iteration through Intuition’ 8 artists present new work suggesting very different individual propositions. The Searchers began as a one year pop up gallery project in Bristol in 2012. After eleven curated shows they moved […]

‘Passage of clouds, becoming the river’

Dan Hunt - Paintings September 5 - 10

‘Dan’s atmospheric abstracted landscape paintings come from his love of the big skies and waterways of the South West. In particular the atmospheric Somerset Levels, where the movement of weather systems are reflected on waters that flow gently and endlessly towards a common inevitable destination’.

Henry J Miller Photography

August 29 - September 3


Margaret Adler

August 15 -18

A memorial exhibition celebrating the work of Artist Margaret Adler. She attended the Royal College of Art and the Old Vic Theatre School, London. A prolific painter, sculptor and stained glass maker, contributing to the Piper window at Coventry cathedral, she also worked as a puppeteer and theatre designer.  

Windows in Space/Time

James Kline August 8 - 13

  Earth, air, fire and water combine to form images of vibration, frequency, and pattern that invite questioning of the mystery of Life Energy that surrounds us. These exquisite prints engage us with that mystery and help us realise that life is deeper and more wondrous than we customarily acknowledge.

4 Green Birds-Charity Print Sale

Emily Duggan August 1 - 6

Four Green Birds Charity Print Sale. For Brain Tumour Research Campaign. Following the successful charity print sale in Notting Hill last year – this is the second show from artist Emily Duggan, who started painting in September 2012 after taking a photo of a Starling whilst in St Ives – not having painted since the […]

Howling Owl Records

July 26 - 30

Howling Owl Records formed in the summer of 2011 after Joe Hatt and Adrian Dutt moved to Bristol from North Devon, and were taken aback by the amount of musical and artistic talent that this city was filled with. What was initially meant to be a one off tape compilation and gig at the Mothers […]

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Gilbert Hin - Paintings July 18 - 23

Artist Gilbert Hin presents a collection of land and seascapes. They portray an idyllic corner of the world, over the rainbow. Painted recently on the spot  in oils with artistic license!

Faces of Strangers

Chris Halls 3 - 9 July

Spawned from a year-long project to draw a person every day, this exhibition dissects how we see portraiture and questions identity in our obsessive culture of digital devices and constant surveillance.

bulb OOBE*

A showing of art with: Adrian Dutt, James Hankins, Joe Hatt, Stephanie Third, Robin Stewart, Harry Wright June 27 - 2 July

bulb is a collective of artists, musicians and others who together form an intriguing world where oddity and humour play hand in hand with visual allure. For their first show, OBE, bulb will welcome you to become detached from yourself and your surroundings and, just for a moment, forget about what it is to be. […]

City of Bristol College (2)

20th June - 25th June 2014

Week 2 – The Foundation Degree: Professional Photography  

City Of Bristol College (1)

13 - 18 June

Week 1 – Foundation Degree: Graphic Design with Interactive Multimedia.

South Gloucestershire and Stroud College

9 -11 June

Showcasing end of year student work, Fashion, Photography & Graphic Design. For further information contact: Helen Allsebrook 01179192642 – Helen.Allsebrook@sgscol.ac.uk  

If Walls Could Talk

JPS, Art Tresspasser, Diff Streetart May 30 - June 5

An Urban Arts Exhibition hosted by Street Artist JPS, featuring supporting artwork from breakthrough Urban Artists: Art tresspasser and Diff Streetart. 

Letterpress Print Festival

The Letterpress Collective 16 - 28 May 2014

16 – 21 May, Matrix 32 A celebration of the world’s finest letterpress annual. 23 -24 MayDemonstrations and a party to celebrate one year at The Letterpress Collective 22 – 28 May, The Politics of Print A look at how letterpress print has the power to make positive change

Inherent Structural Defects

Kristina Lazarides May 9-14

Making sense of chaos: rejecting rules, perfection and the socially acceptable. An exhibition curated by final year Fashion student, Kristina Lazarides. The exhibition will explore how fashion imagery, seduces and cancels social difference, to create a “perfect” image. The imagery will challenge the viewer to reflect on personal reactions to the imagery presented, whilst questioning the […]


Rupert Bledisloe & Kate McCormick 2 - 7 May

Seeking Sanctuary

Photographs by Paul Conroy 18 - 23 April

Seeking Sanctuary is an exhibition of photographs taken by the celebrated war photographer, Paul Conroy, for the Bristish Red Cross, of Syrian refugees living in cities across the UK. The aim of the exhibition is to highlight the stories of these individuals and families as they rebuild their lives and to raise awareness of the […]

Used & Abused

30 + Illustrators & graphic designers 11 - 16 April

Used & Abused is curated by final year graphic design student Raquel Lowsley. The exhibition explores and celebrates the raw culture and lifestyle of skateboarding through the witty use of illustration and design. The show will have an overall handmade aesthetic and will champion youth DIY attitudes to life, doing things just for the love […]

Slight Bruising

Harriet Aston March 28-April 2

An exhibition of large free standing and wall mounted paper sculptures

Trappings for the solitary man

10 Artists March 21-26

A postgraduate group show presenting work by artists on the MA Fine Arts Course at the University of the West of England. An installation of a few key works encapsulating a range of disciplines and practices.



Helen Grant, Linda Taylor & Marianne Ryan 15-19 March

Three artists about to graduate from the Fine Art MA course at the University of the West of England present a considered minimalist show of installation, sculpture and projects. A sculptural diorama (featured image) with tiny gold painted figures roaming amongst chunks of purple rubble. Intricately coloured free standing and wall based paper sculptures by […]


Matthew Gorst March 6-13

Mixed media show of sketches, doodles, text, sculpture & design

Retina Photo Collective

Thomas King, Owen Harries, Daniel Day, Oliver Tooke, Will Hilton, Sean Delahay, Ross Zillwood February 21-27

The inaugural exhibition of Retina Photo Collective

Centrespace Christmas Show

Fri 20 Dec to Tues 24th Christmas Eve

Every December, studio members themselves take over the gallery for a Christmas extravaganza, offering for sale original artwork, sculpture, prints, books and a cornucopia of christmas gifts, as well as a glimpse into the working lives of some of Bristol’s top creative talent.

Centrespace Xmas show


Mossie Quille 6 Dec - 18 Dec 2013

LandEscapes is the culmination of an ambitious year long drawing project of charcoal drawings by Mossie Quille.

Bristol Streets

Katharine Defrance 22 Nov - 5 Dec 2013

This exhibition portrays a selection of Bristol scenes. Katharine’s work reveals a passion for Bristol, her hometown. Her work juxtaposes the city, combining its greatness, its dowdiness, its history and vitality.

Katharine Defrance

What Are You to Me? Inside Arts Festival

Jenny Davies 9th - 20th November

What Are You To Me? Is an interactive multimedia installation that explores how we might remember the lives of our grandparents, taking audiences on their own personal journey through the fragmented re-imagining of three culturally diverse families.

Jenny Davies - What are you to me

Adventures in Playful Resourcefulness – Tangentfield

Tangentfield 1 Nov to 6 Nov 2013

‘adventures in playful resourcefulness’ – tangentfield’s annual general meeting. There will be a programme of talks and open meetings. There will be a celebration event of St Leonard’s Day 6th November. Check the Tangentfield website for details.



Paul Wenham-Clarke Fri 18 October to Weds 23 October

Bodyworks depicts a prosthetic limb manufacturer that produces both traditional and modern limbs. For incredibly in this advanced technological age there is still a need for limbs that are made to designs dating back to the 1940s. Bodyworks highlights these craft skills and focuses on the many significant objects used within the process.


Sacrifice the Bird Song

Paul Wenham-Clarke Fri 4 October to Tues 15 October

Referencing the Victorian art of Memento Mori this work comprises of a series of still-life images that celebrate natural beauty yet evoke a deep sadness at what has been lost.


Altered States: Reconciliations of Internal and External Realities

Sat 28 September - Mon 30 September 12.00 - 5.00pm

The large, abstract paintings of the internal world of emotions, thoughts and senses expressed by Ben Anthony contrast, in this exhibition, with Norman Taylor’s photographs of an external world of connectivity and people captured in moments of disconnect. A joint exhibition.

Altered States

Henry St Leger

A solo show by Henry St Leger Fri 23 to Weds 28 August

This is a solo show by the artist Henry St Leger. The exhibition includes illustration and concept art. This work will include various different formats such as pen and ink, screen printing, gilcee prints, Lino prints and some animation.

Henry St.Leger

BS1 Open 2013 Arts Trail

Centrespace Studios and Gallery 13 and 14 July 2013

Centrespace Studios and Gallery are taking part in an exciting and unique opportunity to visit diverse artist based locations in the heart of the BS1 area.

Love Calls by Simon Tozer


Chris Hoare 5 - 10 July

This exhibition profiles the photographic work of Chris Hoare. DREAMERS is a documentary reportage piece based on Bristol’s thriving Hip-Hop scene. The exhibition includes a mixture of framed reportage images and powerful portraits of the cities most notable rappers. The exhibition will also launch the DREAMERS self published book by Chris.


Liven Up Leonard Lane with Love Architecture Festival

3 July 2013

Centrespace is proud to present two events in collaboration with the Love Architecture Festival, tangentfield & UWE. It’s part of our on-going campaign to liven up our lane, and a warm-up event to help us raise funding and volunteers for a 6th November light event to celebrate St Leonards day!

Lighten up Leonard Lane

Show & Tell

City of Bristol Foundation Degree Students 22 - 26 June 2013

An end of year showcase of fresh and exciting creative solutions from Foundation Degree students at City of Bristol College. The work includes Editorial Design, Packaging, Information Design, Corporate Identity, Advertising, Typography and much more.

Show and Tell


City of Bristol FdA Professional Photography 15 - 19 June 2013

The exhibition held over a five-day period is the Graduation Show for the FdA Professional Photography course at City of Bristol College.



Bristol based Drawing and Applied Arts students 7 - 12 June, 2013

As a group of Bristol based Drawing and Applied Arts students, Scratch investigates mark making using a diverse range of two dimensional and three dimensional media.

Mayfest: Wild Thing I Love You

Ella Good and Nicki Kent 21 - 23 May, 2013

In September 2011, we took a trip across America to see what is out there. We’d like to tell you about it.


Mayfest: Visions(s)

Jo Bannon 17 - 18 May, 2013

The human eye takes shortcuts. In any one moment it cannot assimilate all the visual information coming from any singular image, the depth, colours, shapes, it’s all too much, too fast. In these instances it refers to the past, scrolling through all the things you’ve already seen. It makes an assumption. A leap of faith. It tells you what you see.