Tales from Ott

Leila Elmanfaa June 25 - 30

Think of ‘Tales from Ott’ as a little bluebell-lined fairy path through a realm of gritty fantasy- a glance into somewhere deep, dark, and full of secrets. With oil paintings inspired by the drama of the Renaissance and their accompanying stories and poems, the entire universe of Ott and all of its written works have […]

Degrees of Separation

July 03 - 07

Graduating BA(hons) Fine Art students from University Centre Somerset (Taunton) bring their degree show to Bristol. Degrees of Separation reflects the nature of working during their study; often working closely together in the studios, but sometimes working from home in isolation. Degrees of Separation also speaks of the varying degrees of difference between the students’ practice, from the […]


July 09 - 14

Bloom is an exciting exhibition from Creative Arts degree students who are graduating from University Centre Somerset (Taunton). Bloom reflects the growth and maturity of local creative minds as they go from their explorative and collaborative studio space to the working world, developing their expertise and varying practices in preparation for their creative careers. Bloom […]

Two Sides of a Story

David Dawkins July 23 - 28

Each one of David’s sculptures has two sides to them, like a two-page book, and each one has a true story behind them. They are caricatures of various people he has known over the years. “Recently he has been focusing on life, the universe, and everything, political, the news and anything that rattles around inside […]