Asking For Directions/What Have You Lost? 

July 31 - August 04

This exhibition showcases two projects by Raina Monteith navigating ideas of how we support each other, and how we present our own experiences. ‘Asking For Directions’ (2020) saw the artist give up control of their life for a week at a time. Asking friends, family, and acquaintances to teach them something new. To help them live their best life. To solve their dilemmas. Through closely […]

Jessie Woodward & Sophie Elinor Martin

August 6 - 11

Jessie is an abstract painter and mixed media Artist based in Bristol and Sophie is a contemporary artist based in Suffolk. Both have exhibited throughout the UK and sold their work worldwide. Jessie’s instinctive way of working explores the language of paint and mark making to evoke emotions in the viewer, aiming to communicate how pure […]

Geoff Oke – Artwork Retrospective

August 13 - 18

A Welsh born painter and graphic artist who grew up in a rural and coastal setting. Land that made an impact on his visual memory and feeds into his work. His interest in art started at a young age. Pursuing it as a career after he left school at 16. Studying foundation level at Shrewsbury […]

Faces – Spaces

Rose Pettit & Kelvin Jenkins August 19 - 25

Rose: I like the process of working with clay, from the wet clay, moulding, carving out and building. I don’t have a particular face in mind when I begin but slowly a face emerges and becomes fixed in time with a story to tell.  Kelvin: Pictures of coastlines; pictures of traffic cones; pictures of clothes […]