Line and Point

October 27 - 31

Line and Point showcases established and emergent postgraduate artists from Bath Spa University. Offering a diverse range of contemporary practices across installation, drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, objects and digital work. Visually engaging use of materials of an exquisite, experimental and transdiciplinary nature evolve themes and narratives that express the human condition and our modern […]

Broken Faces

Matthew Healey November 3 -14

Broken Faces – an exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Matthew Healey. Studies of facial reconstruction surgery on survivors of WW1. The dead are often remembered, the survivors are often not. “If in some smothering dreams, you too could pace Behind the wagon that we flung him in, And watch the white eyes writhing in […]

Birth Rites

Barry Cooper November 16 -22

Paper Folds Gallery – LOOKAWAY

November 23 - 29

We celebrate the diversity of Paper Folds gallery since its inception in 2016 with LOOKAWAY. Showing alongside our gallery artists, work from Indonesia, Germany, France, Venezuela, Canada, the UK and USA has responded to a notion of ‘looking away, with a coherent group of photographs, collages, screen-prints, relief sculptures and video art. Body-positive pop art […]