Achimera: The Phenomenology of Illness

October 31 - November 03 Preview: October 30th, from 7pm Open daily 10 - 5pm

Exhibiting over Halloween and All souls Day we showcase work by an artist who explores death in a raw and visceral fashion. An artist who has undergone lung-transplantation as her only choice for survival. Born with incurable disease Cystic Fibrosis, Poppy Roberts honours the life she has been gifted through producing art. We are taken on a subjective journey through the stages of corporeal decay into rebirth, A culmination of photography and beautifully detailed paintings and drawings. Visitors can experience what the border between life and death might actually look like.

Expect a lively opening night with music from local artist Fabian Child and poetry performance from the artist. All creeps and ghouls of Bristol welcome here!