Alchemy 19

September 21 - October 2 Preview: 20th September - 6 - 8.30 pm Mon - Sat 11 - 6, Sunday 11 - 4

A contemporary ceramics exhibition by seventeen artists from Maze Studios, Bristol. Showcasing a diverse collection of work celebrating the creativity of this group of 17 ceramic artists. Brought together by a passion for making and exploring the properties of clay, each artist’s work has a unique identity.┬áThe exhibition will include sculptural and functional pieces from:
Meg Beamish, Pipistrelle Design, Deborah Weymont, Dec Vozza, Emily Gibbard – Totterdown Potterdown, Becky Hoghton, Philippa Spreadbury, Kate Cornelius, Miranda Wells, Tracy Williams, Nick Seary, Lena Takamori, Eva Munoz, Emma Puddick, Mandy Macdonald, Genevieve Taylor, Karla Turner