‘Anderswo ist hier: Elsewhere is here’

March 9 - 17 Preview: Friday 8 March 6.30 - 9pm Open Daily: 12 - 6pm

‘Anderswo ist hier: Elsewhere is here’ is the second exhibition of new contemporary works diversely created in the twin cities of Hannover and Bristol.
10 artists in response to the European legacy of Twinning met for the first time in July 2018 for an exhibition at the TURBA gallery in Hannover with the aim of exploring the nature and culture of place, proximity, self and other.
The spirit of the show encourages a convivial exchange focused on coming and going and bringing together; whilst aiming to challenge the assumption that engagement with others need grow evermore distant. The exhibition presents a playful yet critical reflection on current times through, painting, drawing, film, photography, print, installation, sculpture and performance.

Marlene Bart, Sven-Julien Kanclerski, Catherine Knight, Robert Luzar, David Morgan-Davies, Ruth Piper, Jean D Sikiaridis, Alec Stevens, Conrad Veit, Rui Zhang