Angela Baum Conversations in Colour

June 8 - 12 Opening: Friday 7 June, 6.30 - 9pm Open Daily: 12 - 6pm

“The paintings are abstract. Which means they are not describing a place, an interior, a landscape. But they are coming from an emotional place, so mood, vibrancy, clarity or blurriness can all play a part.

I start my paintings in a me/ not me conversation. I begin with a vague plan, size of canvas, primed, unprimed and the first gestures I make are usually about covering a large area of the canvas. Immediately the canvas talks back to me….I need another colour, a big shape, I want to be like the painting on the wall next to me. And so the conversation starts and the new work progresses. Sometimes there is a call from another work looking for some kind of touch up. I might walk over and finish off a pot of turquoise and then a new painting starts to form from an older work. My collages are ongoing, so the ones in this exhibition are finished but if they return to the Studio who knows what might happen.

I am hanging the exhibition in a way that I hope new relationships will occur with the paintings and collages on show. Seeing ones work in a venue other than my studio is refreshing for the work and for me. Space allows work to breathe and take in new illuminations.”

Angela Baum lives and has her studio in Bristol.