Art Meeting

Present the work of 11 artists November 7-12 Open Daily: 3 - 8pm

Art Meeting is the third review of polish artists living in Bristol. The aim of the group is to encourage and facilitate integration through art regardless of age or experience. This annual review enables the artists to share a passion for art with a wider public. For members of Art Meeting it is important to find time for art during busy days of work and to be able to share it with others. Art Meeting is a place where people integrate through art by creating and appreciation.
Artists: Arleta Smolko, Gabriela Simon, Katarzyna Wyrzykowska-Calus, Dorota Wolk, Dorota Grzonkowska, Bart Archacki, Sylwia Łakom, Małgorzata Glapa. Agata Morawska, Aga Lech-Bignell, Katarzyna Cierpiał-Sims.