This exhibition showcases two projects by Raina Monteith navigating ideas of how we support each other, and how we present our own experiences.
‘Asking For Directions’ (2020) saw the artist give up control of their life for a week at a time. Asking friends, family, and acquaintances to teach them something new. To help them live their best life. To solve their dilemmas. Through closely following instructions, Raina’s life became a story, one which other people were invited to help write and edit.  
‘What Have You Lost?’ (2021) is a collection of short films made by seven people who responded to a call out from the artist. Through a series conversations and explorations with each participant seven stories were written. The participants became the artists and the authors, and with Raina’s guidance began exploring their feelings in a new and exciting way. Collaboratively playing with the line between emotion and performance, between life and art. Giving their sorrow some objectivity. 
The full film is an hour long and will be played throughout the day.
You can view the trailer, get in touch with the artist and see their past work here:
Raina Monteith + Jake Lucas, Elisa Ferroni, Tom Burns, Lauren Mcclean, Robin Griffiths, Nem Stanley, Milda Brazauskaite, Camilla Mason, Andy Havil, Taylor Ayling, Sophie Ellis, Tahirah Phiri, Tom Stockley, Sue Lawson, Rob Carr, Becca Wake, Claudia Monteith, Arthur Monteith, Dainela Dyson, Konstantinos Noulis, Rosie Lee Wilson, Aisha Ali, Toby Nikoosimaitak, and Georgia Shearman.

Film Show times:
Saturday 31st :      4 – 10pm        17:00                                 
Sunday 1st :         12 – 6pm          12:30   14:00   15:30    17:00
Monday 2nd :       3 – 9pm           15:30     17:00   18:30   20:00
Tuesday 3rd:        11– 4.30pm          11:30   14:00   15:30
Wednesday 4th :  1-7pm               13:30   15:00   16:30   18:00