Breathing Spaces

T G Freeson March 1 - 6 Private view: Friday the 1st of March 6 - 8.30pm Open Daily: 11-5pm

Breathing Spaces is the beginning of a path: stop, take a breath and think about yourself and your surroundings.
Through my work I aim to show how objects and subjects interact with their surroundings and vice versa. All the materials I use -such as rock salt, paper, water, pigments, PVC films, are a metaphor for the simple chemical elements we are made of. All the animate and inanimate beings in our surroundings transform, transfer and refract their shapes and colours by means of physical and chemical changes, but we are not able to see that and understand as for the limits of our senses. This is not spiritual or philosophical. It is about physics. These chemical, physical and material relations can be imagined, showed and discussed through art and creativity.