Brick Lane Paint Connection

Gina Love & Dr Martin Raskovsky September 09 - 14 Preview: Friday 9 September, 6 - 8pm. Everyone Welcome Open daily: 11am - 7pm

Martin returns to Centrespace with Painter Gina Love. Their artwork is linked together through a desire to create dramatic unique images, which through colour, exquisite detail and exploration of process draws the viewer into a place of the imagination.
They met while showing together in Brick Lane (London) and are excited to be presenting their work alongside each other in Bristol.

Gina is an abstract painter and defines her artwork as cognitive expressionism.  Complex thought patterns are replicated in the interaction of layers of paint, and contrasting heavy textures within the pieces. Dramatic brushstrokes allow her to translate cognitive thought patterns into a strong bold image, bypassing verbal communication.

Martin’s current interest is in the post capture creative process. It is a search for colours, forms and hidden visions often completely unrelated to the original subject. Brush in hand, the journey of image transformation is an art form of its own. Colours and shapes are transformed again and again until the time when a solution emerges.