Building Happy Places

Aimes Was Here September 03 - 07 Private view: Friday 02 September, 6 - 9pm Open daily: 10 - 4pm
SAFEHOUSE proudly presents ‘Building Happy Places’ an exhibition of work by Aimes Was Here.
For over a decade, Aimes has been building a creative portfolio of work that encompasses numerous visual disciplines, including photography, print making, typography, model making, sculpture, illustration and paintings. Lockdown restrictions and self-isolation, was the prerequisite in creating this body of work, granting unlimited time to create and develop artistic methods, that shaped the direction of the project.
In this new body of work we see Aimes‘ distinctive, abstract style, manifest as a complex, multi-medium exhibition, which in turn, evokes a sense of freedom and charm. Aimes explores many processes and layers before we reach the final result, all starting from a rough paper sketch, Aimes examines the possibilities of navigating real world pieces or digitising content for animated realms.
‘Building Happy Places’ is a vibrant exploration of mediums including augmented reality, animation, traditional canvas painting, screen printing, laser cut sculptures, zines and printed apparel.