Creative Review of Polish Artists in the UK

June 1 - 6 Open daily: 5pm - 9pm, Sunday 12am -6pm

You are invited to an exhibition by Art Meeting – An overview of polish artists in the UK. Diversity of styles and subjects and high artistic standards are the key elements of ART Meeting. Our goal is to show everyone living in the UK that Polish people coming to this country are not just workers but often artists who create with passion and who are taking part in cultural and artistic life in England.
This year there will be 9 artists presenting their work at Art Meeting: Arleta Smolko, Agnieszka Biardzka, Ewa Reucka, Malgorzata Anna Sliwka, B. Gabi Sajmon, David Schab, Katrina Sadrak, Stanislaw \galczynski and Marcin Szuba.