Degrees of Separation

July 03 - 07 Friday July 02, 6pm - 8pm Open daily: 10 - 6pm

Graduating BA(hons) Fine Art students from University Centre Somerset (Taunton) bring their degree show to Bristol.
Degrees of Separation reflects the nature of working during their study; often working closely together in the studios, but sometimes working from home in isolation. Degrees of Separation also speaks of the varying degrees of difference between the students’ practice, from the diverse to the nuanced. The ebb and flow of togetherness and separation can be seen in terms of physical and emotional proximity as well as personal passions. Degrees of separation can be paper-thin or miles apart. Here, together, eight artists are making sense in a fractured world: Jill Bland, Holly Chilton, Sapphire De La Haye, Sami Green, Sophie Gilroy, Oli Kirkham, Rhona Valentine, Jenni Watters.