Sean Addicott, Claire Addicott, Cressida Williams, Rory Joseph July 23 - 27 Preview: Friday 22 July, from 8pm Open daily: 10 - 6pm

“A solitudinal; a head cloud of starlings murmur the songs cloaked amplifiers sing, blissed and burned, in this sidechain ouroboros.

Immortal fire of individual will, fanned to flaming with love, unheeding the storm-blasts will walk together.”*

Destroyertones is a bodywork, based in composition, photography, and visual abstraction. Conceptually, the work explores catharsis through ritual isolation, loneliness, and the importance of growth and change.

Sonically, the work pushes ambient speaker heat into noise, balancing lightness with crushing weight, growing from a semi-sinusoidal drone to a palisade of noise, harmony, and sub-bass.

Black and white film photography is used to create visual metaphors and layered to imbue the work with a sense of movement. Pushed ISO is used to create visible grain and increased dynamic range, forging an evocative contrasting visual language.

The filmographic work portrays isolation and movement through a visual exploration of Bristol’s green spaces. Forced through circuitry, these glitched visuals matched with trance-inducing drones show a representation of nature morphed by one’s mental state on long therapeutic walks.