Hybrid 2016: Story

Saturday 12 - Saturday 19 November Preview: Friday 11 November, 6-9pm Open daily: 10-5pm each day, Thurs 17th 10-6pm hybridartists.co.uk

Artists: Caroline Case, Judith Ducker, Helen Jury, Liz Lumley Smith, Sarah Parkinson, Deborah Weymont, Fiona Williams
We are a group of seven women artists who are also art psychotherapists working under the collective name Hybrid to reflect the two different parts of our identities.

In this our fourth exhibition, we are inspired by and engaging with, narrative, myth and story. We have chosen to work to a common theme after our successful exhibition in 2014 at BRLSI [Bath Royal Literary and Science Institute] in Bath. Then, we responded to the permanent collection of artefacts from all over the world. Now, we are engaging with the multitude of stories that criss cross our shared cultures both responding to old tales and creating new ones. We engage with our own stories looking back to the past and imagining the future. In our therapy work we also work with the threads of narratives from our clients in trying to build a coherence. In this exhibition we are weaving our own sense of story with or without words.
Our work will include drawing, ceramics, photography, film, painting, printmaking and three-dimensional media.
We are delighted to return to Centrespace where we have had previous exhibitions in 2010 and 2012.

Meet the artists event Sat 19th @12.30