Hybrid 2020: Migration

Deborah Weymont, Liz Lumley-Smith, Caroline Case, Judith Ducker, Fiona Williams, Sarah Parkinson October 9 - 14 open daily: 10.30 - 6pm, Sunday 10 - 4pm hybrid-artists.com

This year Hybrid  will be returning to the gallery with an exhibition which has been curated over a one year period through a group process of art-making, research and discussion.  It will include work in paint, print, pen and ink, mixed media and ceramics.
Since starting work on our theme of migration, like everyone, our lives and plans for 2020 have been significantly disrupted by the Covid 19 pandemic. For example, we have had to meet using Zoom and we will adapt the way the exhibition will be viewed by visitors to the gallery, in line with government advice on social distancing.
Similarly, our focus has at times broadened to include and make links between unfolding events and a changing social and political context which will be reflected in the work we exhibit.
Our starting point was to explore the theme sensitively- mindful of the fact that the word migration means more than simply ‘the movement of people or animals and birds from one place to another’ , but is also unavoidably linked with the distressing and challenging political context for many migrant workers, immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers.
​This multi-dimensional view of migration is reflected both explicitly and implicitly in the range of work we will exhibit which will include work on, borders, home and personal family history as well as the migratory journeys of people, animals and birds.