I’m new here

February 16 - 21 Private View: 16 February 7 - 10pm Open Daily: 11 - 6pm

Do-IY is a brand new collective formed in Bristol; aiming to bring together art, music and technology, creating a synthesis of ‘gesantkunstwerk’. This concept, coined by Richard Wagner, was a reaction against the lack of cultural truths within 17th century Italian opera. This is a platform to produce, collaborate and curate. Our ethos focuses on ‘universal art’, with this philosophy in mind, we bring you ‘I’m new here’. This exhibition illustrates the transition between cities by recent Fine Art and Music graduates. These 10 artists reveal their documentation of this change in habitat, through an array of mediums and formats. The various bodies of artwork display their personal journeys in every shape and style, from the comfort and safety of university, to graduate life in the competitive art world. Materiality, colour and structure are paramount throughout the exhibition; the closely chosen art works will play, combine and integrate with each other, creating this pleasurable and sensory Utopia.The Do-IY collective seeks to push the confines of contemporary Art practice, and will attempt to create a blend of art, music and technology. Like quasi-synchronous transmission in radio broadcasting (the method of achieving wider area coverage using multiple transmitters without needing multiple frequencies), Do-IY brings Bristol innovation in a condensed package, spreading its roots far into the scenes it penetrates.

Artists exhibiting: Genevieve Roxburgh, Jackson Woodcock, Lucy Oates, Jessica-Taylor Cain, Seaneen Hartley Price, Ben Jones, Poppy Clover, Scott Ashmore, Henry James