Becky Hanney August 26 - 31 Preview: Friday 26 August, 6 - 9pm Open daily: 10 - 6pm

Inter-Forms is a collection of works created since 2017, that explores the biomorphic, subconscious, platonic patterns in between and across all things. Artist Becky Hanney follows a somatic calling to explore the yet unknown worlds and creatures her paintbrushes can create; born from the primal pleasure of abstract expressionism and sustained by the fascination of the alternate dimensions that emerge.

 Through an improvisational, fractal flow of marks, three-dimensional worlds are woven together, with forms that suggest atmospheres, geological features, and organic life. They play on the knife’s edge between abstraction and realism; teasing you to look for symbols in the fleshy fluid motion. Although the mind wants to separate out character and background, one is not separate from the other. They are all part of the same flow of energy, interacting at different complexities ⁠and represent a re-enchanted cosmology – a panpsychist universe where a visceral consciousness fills every strand of light.

They are presence and nonsense, alien yet familiar, they are infinite dream worlds of novelty, mystery, and pleasure.