Kelvin Jenkins October 2 - 7 Open daily: 10 - 6pm

‘We are here for no purpose unless we can invent one. Of that I am sure.’ 

I find this rather controversial quote from ‘Jailbird’ by Kurt Vonnegut gives me licence to follow my instincts, and has become something of a touchstone for my work, which currently consists of three loosely ‘invented’ themes.
Quotes: Recent pictures take extracts from favourite novels or song lyrics as their starting points. The improvised imagery often has no obvious link to the quote, not illustrating them as such, but attempting to complement the text.
Triangles: A second group of pictures restricts itself to the use of triangles, working to a tight brief, to see where the repeated use of one simple but dynamic shape and a reduced colour palette takes me.
Twins: Another theme uses a black base onto which I apply coloured paper in a mosaic-like fashion, constantly making small, improvised creative decisions to build the image. Often, when using this technique, I find that I’ve created ‘twin’ pictures, using the positive and negative shapes from the cut-outs.
Among many other influences, my work is informed by found objects, semiotics, early petroglyphs, Jung’s theory of archetypal images and, most particularly, the confidence and impulsiveness found in children’s’ drawings. Hopefully, a sense of humour is also evident.