Mayfest: Visions(s)

Jo Bannon 17 - 18 May, 2013

A project summary for SENSE by Jo Bannon

The human eye takes shortcuts. In any one moment it cannot assimilate all the visual information coming from any singular image, the depth, colours, shapes, it’s all too much, too fast. In these instances it refers to the past, scrolling through all the things you’ve already seen. It makes an assumption. A leap of faith. It tells you what you see.

We are often led to think of vision as absolute, as truth. But what if it’s closer to a field of vision, a poetic and biological landscape consisting of imaginings, partial truths and visitations. Imprints from our past.

We’ve all got blind spots, parts of our identity we can only guess at. In this short encounter I will begin tracing an identity made up of vision and visions, imprints, and guesswork. The blind spots between the stories we tell of ourselves and the stories told about us.