Moving Paintings

Charlotte Humpston November 1-5 Friday 31 October 6-8pm Open. Sat, Sun, Mon & Wed - 12.30 - 6.30pm Tues 2 - 6.30pm

An installation of artworks, using paint and textile techniques together with projected short films. This series of ‘Moving Paintings’ is inspired by the landscape of Somerset, the sea at Cape Cornwall and water reflections in the canals of Venice.
Charlotte’s work explores the interplay between painted images, manipulated fabric surface and the play of light on landscape forms & movement. Part painting, part surface texture and part film, the work finds its full realisation when displayed in low-level light, allowing the textures of both the painting & the film to interact.
The exhibition is the beginning of research into to how this work stimulates the eye-to-brain sensors.
Charlotte welcomes contact from professionals in this field to collaborate and explore this area of research more fully.

Here is a link to the show