Not so firm as faded ink

Nicola Dale April 11 - 22 Preview: 10 April 6 - 8pm Open daily: 11 - 6pm

Not so firm as faded ink is a touring exhibition by artist Nicola Dale, questioning the potential of knowledge versus the constraint of information. Commissioned and curated by Mark Devereux Projects, the exhibition will launch at Centrespace Gallery in April before moving on to Arcadecardiff a month later.

Nicola Dale’s work responds to a recent Metal residency in Shanghai, focusing on its library (2013) and a series of residencies at the National Arts Education Archive at Yorkshire Sculpture Park (2014). Her work visualizes the essence of what knowledge is and its transformation into information in a digital age. Through highlighting the ways in which we expect knowledge to be at our fingertips in our fast-paced society, Dale reduces the pace to consider the parallels between the ways we digest knowledge now and how we did so in the past.

EVENTS: Free to attend
One-to-one artist mentoring sessions
Saturday 11 April 10am – 12pm
Talk & tour: Saturday 11 April: 2 – 4pm

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