Occult Bristol

November 29 - December 04 Opening event: 29 November, 7 - 9pm + Music from Black Star Rising at 8pm Open daily: 12 - 6pm

Occult Bristol is a group show featuring the work of Rich Beale, Siena Barnes and Ryan Broom, three fiercely individual international artists with links to rock ‘n’ roll who crawled out from beneath very similar rocks. The work displayed includes Siena’s large format Indian ink monochrome paintings in which she riffs on meme culture and meaning gaps in the information age and Ryan’s meditations on memory-haze produced in his attempts to make contemporary technology ape tools such as the traditional printing press. As well as his visual pieces, Rich will display a range of totemic objects (papers, tape recordings and ephemera from the sprawling occult diary of Don Mandarin esquire) via a series of vitrines punctuating the space. Although the artists involved march to the beat of their own drum they are united via their approach as practitioners, their aesthetic and their admiration for one another’s work. That work, with its monochrome take on images and objects stands defiant against the current vogue for the colourful and the corny and asks tough, interesting questions at a time when people seem to solely want to be fed boring, easy answers.
Sunday 1st December 7pm-9pm + Tapes & Talks with Don Mandarin at 7.30pm
Closing Event: Wednesday 4th December 7pm-9pm + Occult Symbols lecture with Duncan Fleming at 7.30pm