We welcome Beatrice Haines as our selected artist to be resident in the gallery during August. She will be researching the area using the gallery as a temporary studio, preparing for an exhibition at the beginning of September. Her brief is to develop new work in response to the area around Centrespace as designated in the Walled Walk Map that was designed and printed at Centrespace by the Letterpress Collective in 2014. There will be several open studio days when the public will be able to view the progress of the residency and talk to Beatrice about her work.

‘When my grandmother died, I became fascinated by her cherished possessions left behind. Each object acquired a poignancy that had previously not existed. Although void of life, her house took on the role of a museum of personal antiquities and a proof of her existence. I held onto her memory by recording as many objects and traces as I could; scuffs on the carpet, tea stains, strands of hair left in her comb.
Since this experience, my artwork has been heavily influenced by traces. Although the human is often absent in my work, the object left behind acts an anthropomorphic portrait that, like forensic evidence, tells its own story.
My work aims to explore and re-appropriate things perceived as banal, insignificant and sometimes unattractive. Subject matter often becomes art material; lime scale, discarded mattresses and gall stones. Much of my artwork focuses how objects relate to humans through subtle visual hints that suggest narrative’.

Residency Open Days: Wednesday August 12th & Tuesday August 25th – 12 – 5pm

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