2nd - 7th October Opening Reception: 2nd October, 5 - 7.30pm Open Daily: 11am - 6pm

A collective art exhibition with an eclectic set of multi-media works. Artists explore the subject of Environmental Feminism, focusing on the ways in which patriarchal society “justifies and maintains relationships of domination and subordination” through themes such as freedom, community, motherhood, the female body, sexuality, and displacement.

ARTISTS – Roberta Butter / Silvia Carrus / Copenhagen Game Collective / Ruth Gordon / Annali Grimes / Adam Grose / Susi Gutierrez / Jo Hellier / Ann Kelson / Gaelle Kreens / Yoshino Shigihara / Kim Taylor

Following the opening reception
2nd October at Roll for the Soul Café.
Doors – 7.45pm
Entry- £5 advance

Ruth Gordon / Helen Moore / Kakure Baba / All Day Breakfast Club / MoonBow