Eloise Dunwell October 19 - 30 Preview: 18 October 6 - 10pm Open daily: 10 - 5pm

Papré: Noun – A collection of items – usually found objects, leaves, feathers, shells, and also paper-works that evoke specific memories or feelings. Accumulative in nature, Papré usually refers to a large number of these items in one place that have been washed up over time onto the same “tideline”.
Following two years of freelance Curatorial work, Eloise Dunwell will be producing her first solo exhibition at Centrespace, chronicling her work for the last ten years. The show will feature performative works, film, inkworks, collage, 2D paintings, sculptures, designs, collections and “cabinets of curiosity”. Taking a specific interest in death, the subconscious, the un-mapped and un-spoken-about, her work can be at times abstract, dream-like and surreal.
Papré is the accumulation of 10 year’s worth of collecting and responding to items found in the natural world, inspiring specific emotions or memories.
Saturday 19th October: 12:00 – 4:00 Gentle Open Mic
We encourage you to bring songs that perhaps you would shy away from performing in a noisy pub. Remember – this is a “practice” area for inner most thoughts and intimate moments.
Wednesday the 23rd October: Poetry Writing Workshop
Bring a pencil and a piece of paper, and an object that has significant meaning to you.
Saturday the 26th October: Waterfall book-making Workshop
Just bring yourself – if you have easy access to a glue stick, cardboard and paper do bring those as well! Pop across to the website and see what style you like. You may want to bring some special salvaged paper or fabric as your “book-cover.”