Theresa Fard, Peter Lyons, Vicky Takooree, James Vassalo May 20 - 24 Preview: Friday May 19, 6 - 9pm Open daily: 11.30 - 5.30pm
Presence can have different meanings – a spiritual presence or being in the moment or a person can be said to have presence. The origin of the word Presence comes from Latin praesentia ‘being at hand’
The four artists in this show each investigate the different meanings of presence through their fine art practice. Through discussion we discover presence suggests there must be absence for it to exist. That you can’t have one without the implication of the other. It is a state of being but also a state of not being – which in turn relates to a spiritual aspect.
What causes presence in a person? The feeling of awe, aura around a person – where does that come from? Is it a perception in the viewer or a fact existing in the beholder which is perceived by all?