Sacrifice the Bird Song

Paul Wenham-Clarke Fri 4 October to Tues 15 October Private view: Fri 4 October 6.00pm - 9.00pm Fri 8 October to Tues 15 (Closed Sunday 6 and 13)

In the space between the yellow line and the kerb is an unnatural gallery of our wildlife.

Lying stiff and lifeless are some of our most beautiful creatures caught as random sacrifices to our modern lifestyle. Rare and common species lay side by side indiscriminately slaughtered and rarely considered. Many species of native fauna are being pushed to near extinction by this relentless toll on their population. Yet species that rely on carrion for their food have never had it so good. This unnatural balance is a result of our activities but who would be willing to alter their lifestyle in order to prevent it?

In our commercialised world everything is given a value but what price would you put on bird song?

Referencing the Victorian art of Memento Mori this work comprises of a series of still-life images that celebrate natural beauty yet evoke a deep sadness at what has been lost.