Kappa V Kappa Art, Eloise Dunwell, Dreamy Ox. November 21 - 25 Open daily: 11 - 7pm

**Due to LD#2 (covid19) this exhibition has been postponed 

Salvage is an exhibition of paintings and sculptures from South West Artists and makers. These three artists come from different backgrounds and styles, but all have one thing in common; A fascination with found objects and spaces, and how they can see potential in old and cast off materials.
Salvage is a look at their individual practices, and how they intersect, creating new work and moments from items that are transformed and repurposed.
Kappa V Kappa art – Chaotic, colourful mess; a puppeteer by trade, who likes to explore colour using unique printing and painting techniques.
Dreamy Ox Art – Set Designer Max Dorey takes found and scrap materials and reimagines them as abstract sculptures and miniatures, mountain landscapes, stilt houses and sci-fi flying vessels.
Eloise Dunwell/Lulibird Art – Raised in Australia, Eloise always enjoyed collecting found items and making studies from them.