Samuele Bastianello Drawings

August 13-17 Private View: Aug 12 from 5pm Open daily: 10am - 6pm

The 150 drawings on display by Samuele Bastianello range from small to very large, from disturbingly silly to exactingly sombre, but they all tap into both the colourful joy of childrens art and the complexity that tends to engulf adult life. The artwork invites the viewer to question the reasons and forms of expression behind our urge to make and assert our selves. The de-schooled, painstaking, lowbrow ensemble of illustrations tries to facilitate a playful – yet caustic – contemplation, wishing to offer pointers that suggest the possibility of changing our way of perceiving the modern spectacle. Several stoneware teapots from the artist’s pottery practice and artist books complement the show.
Samuele Bastianello (b. 1981) is an artist, educator and media producer based in pastoral Hampshire, holding a diploma as Maestro d’Arte and a BA (Hons) in Creative Arts.