Seasons of a Woman

September 21 - 23 Opening event: Sunday 20 September ,12pm - 3pm Open: 10am - 3pm

Our Bodies, Our Lives & 12 Moments of Renewal.

A leading figure in her field, body mapping artist and psychotherapist Annette Schwalbe brings together 12 creative women, their body maps and stories of dropping deeper into the landscape of their bodies and lives. To unearth the old, to seed the new, to take a leap into what is to come.

Each woman’s life size portrait depicts a moment in time, at the threshold to a new defining phase in her life. The body maps have been created over one or several weekends through a process that combines body & movement meditation, ritual mark-making, painting and sculpting within an intimate circle of women.

What unfolds collectively is the ever present cycle of coming to life, blossoming, maturing, dying and renewing. The art works and stories beautifully reveal what it means to be living this cycle in and through a woman’s bodies in our world today. Month after month, season after season.

Opening on 20th September at 12pm, the event offers the opportunity to meet the women in person as they share their art works, writings, recordings and photographs.  The following day, on Monday 21st, from 12pm to 1.30pm visitors can participate in a collective body mapping event. The gallery will temporarily transform into a sacred space in which visitors can experience the deeply affirming effect of having their outline drawn and creating their own unique mark of vitality.

Public Body Mapping Event:  Monday 21 September 12pm – 1.30pm