Hannah Kay Butcher November 1 - 6 Preview: Friday 01 November, 6 - 10pm Open: Sat 02,11- 6pm, Sun 03, 11- 4pm, Mon 04, Tue 05, Wed 06, 11- 6pm

SenSi comes from the abbreviation of the senses and the consciousness of I to create Sensi. The works
in this show play, push and translate what senses are, how we can interact with them and the effect they have in the present moment. The show encompasses a direct DIY aesthetic with the incorporation of reused and recycled materials at the heart of the practice. The artist naturally gravitates towards recycles materials harnessing and investigating the spontaneity this generates through forms. The materiality of the works communicate and relate the viewer to their everyday life. There becomes a visual understanding of the works as they play a part in the bigger picture which is only truly investigated when moving through the space, coming into contact with the physical works.