Show Me What Plutocracy Looks Like

Noah Gibson-Noir, Sofia Filipe-Bastos May 14 - 19, Covid restrictions in place Open: Friday 6am -9pm, Staggered PV, Maximum 15 people in the gallery at any time Saturday - Wednesday 11am - 6pm

The CBAs, are an artist collective who are unapologetically imperfect and political. This exhibition is a protest against social and political violence in all its forms. They utilise satire and sarcasm to connect with their audience and challenge the political status quo.
Methods and materials are deliberately Low-tech in approach, which allows for an immeadiate response to world events as soon as they happen by incorporating facts and statistics into text-and-image-based work.
Influences include Eliot Lord, Jeremy Hutchinson, The YBA’s, Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger, Guerrilla Girls, Darren Cullen, ColdWarSteve, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Ai Weiwei, Steve Bell and James Gillray. In addition to anonymous social media accounts like Radical Graffiti, Newtimes Roadman, and UK Fact check politics.