August 11 - 16 Preview: Friday 11 August, 6 - 9pm Open daily: 11-5pm

15 artists based in the South West of England, provide a rich and diverse range of responses to the question:
How does our sense of place influence our perception of space?
The title lends itself to the senses of place within a person, and how these baseline places form their perception, construction and understanding of the nonsensical world around them.
Place has been described by Lucy Lippard as “ the external world mediated through human subjective experience”, and is both temporal and spatial.
It is a layered landscape entwined with personal memory, seen from the inside rather than the outside.
These artists offer a fresh approach to the crisis of representation given the ever widening chasm between our perceptions of reality and our experience of it.
It comprises works by ranging from painting, photography, sculpture and performance.
The show brings together works reflecting on the notion of place and how it constitutes our ways of seeing. Traces of somewhere and sometime, which evocatively become someplace living inside us.
Yuan-Lin Mao, Stuart Bauer, Scott Sandford, Russell Bell, Kate McDonnell, Sally Bennett, Daniel Wood, James Thornton, Carrie Grainger, Selina Ogilvy, Samantha O’neil, Angel Greenham, Alan Jones, Prabhjot Chana, Will Wilford