April 13 - 18 Private view: Friday 13 April, 6 -10pm Open daily: 12-5pm

Sundlaug // (Icelandic)
Noun (fem.)
• swimming pool

Welcome to the Sundlaug, would you like a towel?

Take a dip in the pool, where tired bodies and distracted minds are tranquilised. Close your eyes and submerge yourself under the warm cleansing waters. As you bathe allow your physicality to diffuse and your essence liquesce. Consciousness disseminates in the solution, a psychic disengagement. A deep serenity washes over you like a veil of wet static.

Sundlaug is a group exhibition that seeks to investigate a slippage into ambiguity. Showcasing both regional and national artists, Centrespace gallery will provide a platform for a multidisciplinary pool party in the gulf that separates self and object.
Sundlaug offers a reflection of the contemporary moment as a viscous emulsion of realities within which, the ethereal and the tangible, the internal and external, the real and the virtual flow in and out of each other, influencing and disturbing in turn, rendering all things invariably malleable, all positions mutable.
Each artist will attempt to articulate a conflation of these relationships through aesthetic exploration and intervention. Spanning across ceramics, installation, painting and video, the work will invite an audience to consider surface, substance and tactility in their current digital disposition.