The Graphic Arts of Photography

February 9 - 14 Preview: Tuesday 13th February 5-8pm Open Daily: 11 - 6pm

Digitisation has transformed the way we make and think about contemporary photography, and introduced a greater level of hybridisation between disciplines. As Joan Fontcuberta argues in his book ‘Pandora’s Camera: Photography After Photography’, it is not the technological, but the conceptual transfer that is the most interesting aspect. This exhibition explores photography that engages with the practices of drawing, sculpture, performance, painting, the written word and the graphic arts. It is curated by postgraduate students and staff from MA Graphic Arts at UWE Bristol.

Artists exhibiting:
Postgraduates: Alejandro Acin, Jamie Dormer-Durling, Curtis Golden, James A. Hudson, Alastair Myers, Angie Palmer, Ged Wood
Staff: Orla Joan Handley, Stephen Monger, Kate Rogers
Guest Artists: Chalk, Nick Davies, Amak Mahmoodian, Mary Pearson, Lua Ribeira