This Place in Time

Mossie Quille September 25 - 30 Open daily: 10am - 6pm

An exhibition of drawings and paintings

Mossie Quille was born in Brixton and raised in Donegal, later returning to study at The Ruskin School of Art Cambridge. This exhibition, mostly of works created en plein air, follows the artist’s progress since returning from the Continent to take up residence in the UK in 2012. This exhibition focuses on landscape pictures, from earlier charcoal drawings, to a more recent series of gouache paintings, culminating in the Lilac Trees Diptychs. The ‘Lilac Trees’ are a line of mature beeches overlooking the Chew Valley. These became the source of intense focus for Mossie who returned on hundreds of occasions to draw and paint, thus building a very personal attachment and intimate knowledge of the place, which is critical to the realisation of these works.