“…Time, as a Construct…”

February 6 - 10 Preview: Friday 5 February from 8 - 10pm - all welcome Open daily: 10am - 5pm timeasaconstruct.com/

A mixed media exhibition exhibition of sonic, typographical, visual, illustrative, abstract and fine Art

We aim to explore our relationship with time, it’s capacity to provide measure and metering, and it’s capacity to be corrosive.
We challenge you to critique your own relationship with time be it your life goals, the concept of ageing, or even the notion of work.
We encourage you to find anything we have missed, and implore you to
critique the subjective and replace with your own interpretations.
We welcome you to relay any findings back to the source, and to open
discussions on the topic of time with those whom you surround yourself with.

But ultimately, you are the only authority over you, and as such owe our boundless piety no love.
Do what you want.

Artists: Sean Addicott, Benjamin Chilton, Joe Jackson, Emily Buzzo, Kate Stapely, Claire Duffy