TRAVELLING ICONS: A MEDITATION ON BEAUTY Six Embodied Thoughts on Art and Life

VISUAL ART: Anthony J. Faulder-Mawson, PERFORMANCE ART: Ursula Mawson-Raffalt October 15 - 25 Open: 2 - 7pm

) + ( = aO   m a w s o n  –  r a f f a l t  +  f a u l d e r  –  m a w s o n 

TRAVELLING ICONS: A MEDITATION ON BEAUTY is an intimate and passionate journey that corresponds with the artistic vision encapsulated by the artists mawson-raffalt + faulder-mawson‘s enigmatic and symbolic logo ) + ( = aO (convex plus concave equals a sphere).
Starting out by working on independent concepts, both artists then layer and integrate their works to create a third entity = “A Sphere”…where the Sum is more than its Many Parts…
The visual art element incorporates chance driven works ( ajF_M: Painting, light works, video, sound and ephemera. The performance will focus on the durational element of chamberworks ) uM_R , a filigree network of memory chambers, linking and interweaving discourses from the worlds of philosophy, theatre, dance, voice, sound, music, poetry and critical writings.

 “We believe that Art is an open system that sustains the flow of oxygen and heals and transforms.  Its purpose is to open up to the deeper meaning of Life”
Searching for the still points in the arts, this Matrix of multilayered works resides on the border territory between the disciplines. It is conceived as a discursive EXHIBITION & durational PERFORMANCE.

“The collaboration between visual artist Anthony J. Faulder-Mawson and performance artist Ursula Mawson-Raffalt has produced some of the most rich theatre / dance / art visuals I have ever seen .” – Mary Overlie, Founding Faculty Member of the Experimental Theatre Wing, New York University, Founder of Movement Research & Danspace Project, New York City.