Unloved – The Forgotten Holocaust

Nick Hales March 17 - 22 Open daily: 10 - 6pm

The creative aspect consists of a 4m * 7m floor installation of 6 million grains of white rice. These represent the 6 million children dying every year from PREVENTABLE causes, (note an additional 4 million die from unpreventable causes). Each grain of white rice is symbolic as representing a small white coffin. The rice is not fixed and is simply framed by wood. The rice has not been counted but the average weight of a grain of rice has been used and the amount is therefore determined by weight not number. At one end a meditation cushion is provided and at the other a chair for those with disabilities to reflect on the work. Pausing to reflect is encouraged by the laminated guides to the installation, especially focussing on a small area where individual ‘coffins’ can be seen, then raising the head to look at the “ocean of suffering”. At the corners and in the centre of the ends tea lights are kept burning. A western interpretation of Japanese/Zen music accompaniment is provided by Buddha and Bonsai. Around the exhibition are laminated sheets with some suggested reading explaining why situations leading to such destruction arise and what the potential solutions are as well as the factors which may increase the problems just as we think they are being solved. These are designed to stimulate the art viewers to think rather than patronise them with answers. The installation has previously been open to the public at the Walcot Chapel Gallery in Bath and has been well received with the “Comments Book” including the following which are unedited

“…all this is especially thought provoking – it will stay with me”
“Very challenging and humbling to see your dedication to this vital understanding of our planet’s present and potential future”
“This is such a relevant theme, We simply feel lost in your huge self and ego, us the lucky few, we rarely remember that we are connected to one another and our lives intertwined…. please continue your work”
“..never forget, never”
“thought provoking, what a terrible waste”