Hollie Page, Lyle Anderton, Amy Grace, Fynne Saunders, Ella Shipway April 1 - 6 Preview: 1 April 7.30 - 9pm Open daily: 2nd - 6th April 11am - 5pm

‘URL IRL’ explores the progressive visual medium of online image macros, commonly referred to as ‘Memes’ by challenging and questioning online presence and online culture. It wonders at the swift rise of visual language in popular culture and how this may affect the future of visual communication.

The gallery will act as a critical space to bring together diverse, often interactive, works that include film, performance, sculpture and online image. In their different ways, these artworks reflect on issues around the self-regulated image that haunts user-generated content on social media, creation of virtual avatars, and online gender stereotypes.

The private view will consist of a programme of performances and talks, culminating with a collection of short films from both affiliated artists and the internet hive mind. This event will be partly livestreamed through social media, bringing the digital/physical exchange full circle.