Vintage Trinidad

November 21, 22, & 23 Daily: 6 - 9pm

Ebony Rose Presents ‘Vintage Trinidad’ ; A 3 day exciting and colourful delve into the vivid traditional culture of the Caribbean island of Trinidad. A visual collection of the Trinidadian history and identity expressed via a retro revisit of colour, print, drawings in an eye-catching vibrant display.
The Island of Trinidad has long had the image of a luxury holiday destination. Ebony goes deeper into the roots of the West Indian island, and uncovers the forgotten beauty of Caribbean artwork, design, foods, music, celebrities, brands, and people everyday.
Less is known away from the region about the racial, political and economic inner workings that have given rise to the identity and culture. Exploring these themes goes to the core of the reality of Trinidad, less than the projected idyllic paradise that Trinidad is stereotyped; more to the heart and mind of Trinidadian life.
This collection is based on primarily on hand drawn pieces and prints that reflect Ebony Roses heritage, synaesthesia, and her cultural Identity from a generational connection that integrates and meshes with British influence.
An exhibition that mirrors the island of Trinidad itself; a seduction of colour, aesthetic beauty, and vibrant life. A live DJ playing calypso songs & ambient digital steel drumming – alongside a smooth faded rainbow lighting backdrop.
All artwork is for sale, reasonably priced at £30.