‘Wall to Wall’

June 17 - 22 Preview: Friday June 17, 6-8pm Open Daily: 10am - 6pm

Graduation Show
Foundation Degree (FdA) Professional Photography City of Bristol College

The show promises photographic works ranging from surreal darkroom paintings, poignant unseen documentaries, contemplations on death, painterly landscapes, polaroid street- scapes and more produced using both contemporary and traditional technology

For the group, Student Rep Sam Ruston said:

“We are excited in sharing a broad + diverse range of work from students from all walks of life, working in a range of photographic genres,
This is the culmination of our two years of study where we have researched and developed our own photographic practice, and we are proud to exhibit our work publicly.”

As well as exhibiting students are also producing a range of of portfolios, photobooks, zines, cards and more. Students will be invigilating the show so come + find out more about their work and the course.
Works will be for sale throughout the exhibition and photographers are also available for commissioned work.