Jenny Davies - What are you to me

What Are You to Me? Inside Arts Festival

Jenny Davies 9th - 20th November Private view: Friday 8th November 6pm – 9pm 11am - 5pm (Sunday closed)

What Are You To Me? Is an interactive multimedia installation that explores how we might remember the lives of our grandparents, taking audiences on their own personal journey through the fragmented re-imagining of three culturally diverse families. It is an archive of memories, where sights, sounds and smells become the trigger for audiences to access their own memories, wishes and regrets. Originally conceived and created by Jenny Davies, Sophia Pervilhac and Stephanie Jack, the installation is now curated by Jenny Davies and produced by Kayleigh Fellows and is expected to tour the UK after its second opening in Bristol.

By allowing the audience to re-label objects in terms of memories they evoke for them, we democratise the installation, making it a collective experience of remembrance. An online Tumblr, in which audience members can contribute their own memories and regrets, provides the archive with an afterlife.