Hire rates

Regular Hire Costs 2017
Groups – £325 for first week  (£275 for subsequent week)
Solo show – £275 per week  (£250 for subsequent week)
Students – £250 per  week
Deposit rate – £150 for the first week, plus £30 for each week thereafter.
(Please note cost of electricity is charged in addition to the hire fee which is approximately £25 – £30 per week)
**We do not provide invigilation

Whats included
Marketing: All exhibitions are posted on the website included in a regular newsletter. Postings on Facebook & Twitter. Information submitted to: Bristol Creatives, Art Rabbit, Visual Arts South West, Bristol Culture, 24/7, Evening Post.
Other information:
We do not take commission on sales.
Facilities & equipment:
The gallery has a small kitchen area with fridge. A toilet. A wheelchair ramp. There are ladders & plinths of different sizes. A ceiling mounted  projector. Internet access. Paint for making good.